Kaplan Professional has taken subject notes into the future with the introduction of eBooks for postgraduate students.

These eBooks are advanced digital versions of traditional subject notes, and use some of the latest technology to give you greater interactivity and accessibility throughout your studies.

Why you’ll love the eBooks

The eBooks add a range of exciting features that will enhance your study experience and provide you with better support. Some of the main benefits include:

  • More time to study – the eBook will be available up to 3 weeks before the Trimester officially starts, giving you more time to learn the subject material.
  • Less time wastage and more efficiency – you’ll be able to access online resources such as discussion forums, lectures and readings straight from your notes, so you can quickly and easily take in all your learning material and post any questions you have as you’re reading. You’ll also be able to search your notes so you can jump straight to the topics you’re revising.
  • More places to study – by using an eBook reader such as an iPad or Kindle rather than bulky printed notes, you’ll be able to easily study almost anywhere, making it even easier for you to fit study into your personal schedule (particularly if you’re studying more than one subject).

Find out more about the features that will deliver all these benefits to you.

You can download, print and save your subject notes as a whole or by topic.
You can search for words and phrases in your subject notes.
You can review and mark up documents using familiar commenting tools such as sticky notes, highlighting, underlining and stamps.
You can make your own comments directly on the document and save or print them out.
You can instantly access online activities, required readings and lectures without logging into the subject rooms.
You can access the web directly, including Subject Rooms, discussion forums, study information and our own website.
You can opt to have the document "read out aloud" to you.
Also includes colour-coded topics and learning feature icons for easy referencing.
And other features including zoom, page rotation, page correction and replacement, online glossaries and so on...

Download our eBook FAQs.

Going forward, we’ll continue to evolve the eBook to provide you with additional features and an even more customised and interactive learning experience.