AFA Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)

The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) is the AFA’s professional designation and is designed for both salaried and self-employed advisers who are seeking to enhance their professional reputation and business performance. The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) designation provides a comprehensive and innovative learning framework for helping you achieve your career aspirations. The designation balances post-graduate academic rigour with high-value applied practice development.

Practical knowledge areas and business projects of the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner will challenge and redefine how you think about higher education for financial advisers. A successful adviser combines technical expertise, excellent communication skills and business acumen.

  • Entry Requirements
      • An Undergraduate Degree, or
      • A related* Advanced Diploma, or
      • A related* Diploma plus related industry experience^

      Above are the minimum education requirements for entry into AFA Designations.

      The qualifications listed as minimum education requirements must be from a recognised Higher Education provider (including the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition).

      *You will be required to provide Kaplan Professional with documents supporting that you meet the requirements for entry into the course. Please review the Provision of Entry Requirement Documents PDF for more information.

      ^As part of your entry assessment you will be required to provide evidence of minimum industry experience, plus complete KUDOS and learning for any knowledge gaps identified.

  • Important Dates

      Study Period 1-3 2017

      Principal dates Study Period 1 Study Period 2 Study Period 3
      Enrolments open 31-Oct-16 02-Jan-17 27-Feb-17
      Study period commences 09-Jan-17 13-Mar-17 08-May-17
      Census 25-Jan-17 29-Mar-17 24-May-17
      Study period ends 31-Mar-17 02-Jun-17 28-Jul-17


      Study Period 4-6 2017

      Principal dates Study Period 4 Study Period 5 Study Period 6
      Enrolments open 01-May-17 26-Jun-17 04-Sep-17
      Study period commences 10-Jul-17 04-Sep-17 13-Nov-17
      Census 26-Jul-17 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17
      Study period ends 29-Sep-17 24-Nov-17 02-Feb-18

      Download a PDF of the 2017 timetable.

  • Subject Availability
    •  2017

      Subjects Study Period 1 Study Period 2 Study Period 3 Study Period 4 Study Period 4 Study Period 6
      AFA 1 – Business Strategy for Financial Advisers
      AFA 2 – Client Experience Strategy
      AFA 3 – Advanced Advice Solutions
      AFA 4 – Professional Conduct and Governance for Financial Advisers

  • Pathways
    • Master of Financial Planning Pathways

      Designed and developed in partnership with industry professionals, Kaplan Professional’s Master of Financial Planning is a purpose-built, completely financial planning-oriented qualification specifically designed for the adviser of the future.

      As the AFA’s principal education partner, Kaplan Professional has developed clear pathways for individuals to attain both the Master of Financial Planning and the FChFP designation by building on knowledge gained through previous education and skills attained while working within the financial planning industry.

      Click here to view full image

      * Minimum industry experience, assessment and learning completion requirements apply.

      ** Eligible individuals may apply for up to 2 subject exemptions in the Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning. These are not automatic exemptions and individual applicants will be assessed by Kaplan Professional. Minimum industry experience and CPD requirements apply.


  • Subject Outlines
  • Duration
    • 12 weeks per unit. Maximum timeframe for completion is 2 years from enrolment date.

  • Assessments
  • AFA CPD Points
    • Subject Accreditation Number Total AFA CPD Points
      AFA 1 Business Strategy For Financial Advisers AFAKP2014-0001/9 – 19 26.25
      AFA 2 Client Experience Strategy AFAKP2014-0001/9 – 19 23.75
      AFA 3 Advanced Risk Solutions AFAKP2014-0001/9 – 19 16.25
      AFA 3 Advanced Advice Solutions AFAKP2014-0001/9 – 19 16.25
      AFA 4 Professional Governance for Financial Advisers AFAKP2014-0001/9 – 19 22.75

      For details of the CPD point breakdown click here

  • Exemptions
    • Exemptions may be granted based on previous academic qualifications and professional accreditation. Previous qualifications must be at a post-graduate level.  Click here for more information.

  • Fees
    • Fees Price
      Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) – Full designation (incl. AFA1, AFA2, AFA3, AFA4) $4,320
      Chartered Life Practitioner (ChLP) – Full designation (incl. AFA1, AFA2, AFA3, AFA4) $4,320
      Individual Subject Fee $1,200
      Certification Fee (compulsory fee on initial enrolment) $375
      Higher Education Exemptions application $295
      Re-enrolment – If a participant has made an attempt at both of the assessments and has failed either one or both $600*
      Re-enrolment – If a participant has not made an attempt at either one or both of the assessments $840*
      Automatic Exemptions No Fee
      Re-mark fee (excludes multiple choice) $150*
      Late withdrawal fee $300*

      * Fee per subject

      Click here to view fees pdf

  • Polices And Forms
  • Terms & Conditions