Financial Planner Level 1 (Diploma)

  • Course overview

    Do you want to be the financial planner or financial adviser who stands out from the crowd?

    Do you need to be RG 146 compliant?


    Kaplan’s Financial Planner Level 1 course develops the essential skills and knowledge required to enter the financial planning industry. The course combines specialist knowledge and financial planning skills to prepare you for providing personal advice to retail clients.

    Kaplan’s Financial Planner Level 1 course is for people who want a career as a financial planner or financial adviser.

    It provides you with:

    1. A qualification that meets the training requirements for RG146 Tier 1 compliance in Financial Planning, Life Insurance and Superannuation and Tier 2 compliance in Cash and Deposit Taking and General Insurance
    2. Meets the training requirements for RG146 Tier 1 compliance in Securities and Managed Investments 
    3. An in-depth understanding of the Australian financial services industry, levels of advice and financial products
    4. An introduction to investment strategy fundamentals to meet the specific needs of a client
    5. Orientation to financial planning professional practice.


    Subjects in the Financial Planner Level 1 include:




    Upon successful completion of DFP1–3 you will be awarded the nationally recognised Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50615).






  • Enrolment

    You may enrol into this course at any time and begin studying immediately on enrolment.

  • Entry requirements

    English language requirements 

    This course requires you to read comprehensive learner workbooks, complete a range of written assessments, undertake independent research activities and at times engage in online forums and discussions. Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication.

    If you have any doubts about whether you have the language, literacy and numeracy skills to undertake a Kaplan Professional program, we recommend you speak with our Student Services team on 1300 662 203 or email


    Computing requirements

    Recommended browsers
    You can access KapLearn using any of the browsers below, but it runs best on the latest versions:

    • Firefox 3 or later
    • Chrome 4 or later
    • Safari 3 or later
    • Internet Explorer

    You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you experience problems using Kaplan’s online learning system, try using another browser.

    Browser settings and support
    For the best user experience at Kaplan’s online learning system, select the following browser settings:

    • enable cookies
    • enable JavaScript
    • do not block pop-up windows 

    Skill requirements

    To successfully complete this course, learners will require basic computing skills. This may include:

    • saving and editing Microsoft Office documents
    • researching, accessing and searching the internet
    • downloading and saving documents from websites
    • uploading documents through websites
    • participating in online discussions
  • Exemptions

    You may be exempted from studying a subject or the full qualification based on your previous training, study and or work experience.

    To find out if you are eligible to receive an exemption, refer to our exemptions page.

  • Student policies

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  • Pathways

    Study pathways

    Completion of the Kaplan Financial Planner Level 1 (DFP1–4) is your best preparation for the Kaplan Financial Planner Level 2 course. Upon successful completion of DFP5–8 you will be eligible to receive the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS60415).

    To stay ahead in this competitive industry, Kaplan provides training in specialist knowledge areas such as SMSF, ASMSF and as an ASX Listed Products Adviser (ALPA).


    Career pathways

    The Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50615) is the entry level qualification for financial planners.

    The Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS60415) is the qualification for financial planners requiring more advanced training in tax, estate planning, investment strategy, client engagement and complex client needs.



    Continuing professional development (CPD) of your knowledge and skills is essential to remaining compliant under ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146).

    Kaplan offers CPD training through Ontrack — our online CPD platform — which delivers monthly multimedia training, along with tracking and reporting capabilities.

    Kaplan’s CPD training is recognised and accredited by the FPA, AFA and SMSF Association. To learn more about our RG 146 compliance offerings, visit the CPD page for more information, or contact our CPD support team on 1300 527 526.

  • Duration

    DFP1 is split into two parts: 1A – Generic Knowledge and 1B – Financial Planning. Once commenced, each part has a 12 week deadline.

    The maximum time for completing each of the other subjects, DFP2–4, is 12 weeks from the commencement date. 

    Students who require the (FNS50615) Diploma of Financial Planning qualification must complete DFP 1–3 within two years of their initial enrolment date.

  • Delivery

    This course is delivered online via Kaplan’s learning management system KapLearn.

    You will receive login details to KapLearn upon enrolment. When you log on to KapLearn you are able to access the subject notes, assessments, additional learning materials such as media, case studies, practice activities and your online tutor.

    Assessments are accessed and submitted through KapLearn.

    Corporate clients should contact our Corporate Solutions Representative on
    1300 728 505 to discuss face-to-face delivery options and how we can tailor our training to your business needs.



  • Fees

    Enrol directly into DFP1–4 for $1995 (GST exempt).

    Individual subjects are $585 (GST exempt) each.

    For additional study-related fees, please click here.

  • Assessment

    Assessment for each of the four subjects includes:

    • DFP1a: Exam
    • DFP1b: Exam and assignment
    • DFP2: Exam and assignment
    • DFP3: Exam and assignment
    • DFP4: Exam and assignment


    Kaplan’s assignments

    Kaplan provides students with a case study (real life client scenario) for which students are required to research and develop investment strategies and/or prepare a compliant Statement of Advice for the client. In each instance you will be assessed on your ability to engage with your client — from initial contact, to the development and documentation of a financial strategy to meet their specific needs.

    You must submit your assignment within 12 weeks of your enrolment date.

    If your first submission is deemed ‘not yet competent’ you are required to resubmit it. You will only need to resubmit the question(s) that do not have the demonstrated knowledge requirement. If a resubmission is required, it must be within 16 weeks of your enrolment date. More detailed information about the assignments are in the subject outlines.


    Kaplan’s exams

    Kaplan’s exams are open book multiple-choice exams where emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge.

    You must sit your first exam within 12 weeks of your enrolment date.

    To achieve an overall grade of ‘competent’ in the exam, you must achieve the nominated pass mark for each module in the exam. If you are deemed ‘not yet competent’ for a module, you are provided with a re-sit and are only required to attempt that module in the re-sit. If a re-sit is required, it must be within 16 weeks of your enrolment date.

    You can sit your exam while being supervised in your workplace or at a Kaplan office.

    Click here for Kaplan office exam times and venues.

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  • Workshops

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