As a Kaplan ^ graduate you are automatically a lifelong member of our alumni network, consisting of thousands of finance professionals and business leaders worldwide. This network spans business, government and community organisations as well as the entire spectrum of financial services.


Your graduate community is supported by a dedicated Kaplan team whose objective is to provide you with services that open doors for you professionally throughout your career.


The team’s efforts are focused on four areas:


Career support

Kaplan is dedicated to supporting the career goals of students and alumni. If you are currently enrolled in a Kaplan course or have completed your studies with us then you are eligible to access the career services available in the password protected portal and to attend complimentary career events.


Continuing education

Alumni who have achieved a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma may wish to progress to the next level qualification to advance their careers.

Kaplan has a library of subjects that can provide online professional development in the areas of corporate finance, treasury, financial planning, wealth management, investment management, banking, financial reporting, marketing and strategic management.


Network development

Join us on LinkedIn. There are two alumni professional networking communities:


These groups will enable you to develop your professional networks by claiming a common connection (your studies), so make sure you browse the membership list for a wealth of alumni networking opportunities. Group membership also gives you access to exclusive career opportunities in the offices of our graduates which are posted in the groups from time to time.

These groups are closed groups and alumni must apply to become a member. Once we have verified your eligibility for membership of the alumni group, we will be delighted to welcome you to it. This can take a week or so please bear with us.


Alumni recognition

Of the 3,000 students from across Australia and around the world who study our postgraduate courses each year, only an elite few make it onto the academic Honour Roll. Find out who is on the Honour Roll for 2011 and who has made the Honour Roll in the past.

^Our applied finance courses were previously administered by Finsia and SIA and we welcome these graduates as members of our alumni community.