Student testimonials

“As a qualified CA I already had a solid academic background but felt to progress in my new role I needed to improve my technical knowledge base. The Kaplan Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance was just what I was looking for with an array of technically sound and very practical courses.

A Kaplan Graduate Diploma is well regarded by my employer and the investment banking industry and I can safely say that it has been a critical element in my career progression.”

Dino Talavanic
Completed Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance

“After working for several years after university as a solicitor, Kaplan’s courses gave me the knowledge and skills that I needed to move into finance. I’m now a Director of a major Australian investment management firm.”

Alexandra Campbell
Completed the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and
Master of Applied Finance

“Flexibility and choice. These two features were the key reasons why I undertook the Masters of Applied Finance with Kaplan.

The delivery of the course was flexible and allowed me to balance the requirements of my job in the finance industry with my study commitments.

The ability to choose from many elective subjects differentiated the Kaplan Online Masters from other postgraduate courses offered in the industry.”

Elie Saikaly
Completed the Master of Applied Finance

“I enrolled in the Kaplan Masters so I could up-skill, become more valuable to my employer and provide even better services to my clients. It’s a qualification that is well respected both within the industry and by clients.”

Simon Whiteley
Completed the Master of Applied Finance

“The training offered by Kaplan was extremely useful. I personally found the Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance to help greatly in being able to understand more about how my company operates, the important areas to focus on, and how to discuss core business concepts with senior management.”

Dr. Robert Scott
Completed Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance