2022 Kaplan Schweser CFA® Study Package Components – Level I, Level II, Level III

SchweserNotes™ Volumes 1–5 (online, printed and ebook)

Absorbing the CFA® Program curriculum in its entirety is easily the most challenging part of preparing for the exam. SchweserNotes™ helps you retain critical information by breaking the content into exam-focused study notes, complete with examples and practice quizzes covering every Learning Outcome Statement.

More than just textbooks.
SchweserNotes™ have continuously evolved to meet your study needs:

  • Integrated into our online learning platform, so you can quickly reference a concept while reviewing practice questions
  • Delivered in bite-sized modules, making it easier to study in shorter segments
  • Includes online module and topic quizzes designed to help you retain and practice every concept
  • Available in print, online, and eBook formats — giving you multiple ways to take in the content

If you want to pass the CFA exam, make sure your study plan includes SchweserNotes™.

SchweserPro™ QBank (online)

For decades, the SchweserPro™ QBank has been known as a must-have among CFA Program candidates. This intuitive question bank provides over 3,000 questions designed to accurately assess and adapt to your understanding of the CFA Program curriculum…providing you with better results.

  • Adaptive and personalised technology has taken this world-renowned study tool to the next level. Question difficulty adapts to your level of proficiency on a given topic, testing the limit of your knowledge and keeping you motivated as you move through the content.
  • Study on-the-go with the Kaplan Schweser app! It’s easy to fit in practice questions during your commute, lunch break, or between classes with the SchweserPro™ QBank at your fingertips.
  • QBank quizzes are integrated with SchweserNotes™ to optimise retention of what you just learned in the books.
  • Performance Metrics track your activity and exam preparedness by providing you a breakdown of your quiz score, average time spent on each question, and your performance compared to other candidates.

Activity Feed (online)

No more guessing what to study and when. Activity Feed is an interactive guide that simplifies your study plan by providing strategically placed weekly tasks. With our latest upgrades, you can now:

  • Schedule days off and watch your Activity Feed adjust accordingly
  • See a weekly breakdown of activities and remaining study hours
  • Track your pace and progress against the recommended study hours per week
  • View upcoming events and class dates

SchweserNotes™ Videos (online)

40+ hours of recorded videos to help review class material.

Mock Exams 

Practise taking the computer-based test before exam day with the Online Schweser Mock Exam. These realistic exams simulate the interface, format, difficulty, and length of the actual CFA exam—helping you develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and demonstrate your mastery of the CFA Program curriculum. Afterward, view answer explanations, check your score compared to those of other candidates, and drill deeper into each question with our Mock Exam Tutorial.

Mock exams 1-4 are included in the Core study materials. Mock Exams 5 and 6 can be purchased additionally for $125 each, or together as a bundle for $225.


The Mock Exam features:

  • Three modes:
    • Exam Sim: Take the exam using the actual interface you’ll encounter on the computer-based CFA exam.
    • Online: Take the exam using the standard Kaplan Schweser online interface.
    • Print: Take the exam on paper and enter your answer choices in an online answer form.
  • CFA Institute’s time limits of 4 hours 30 minutes (each exam consists of two sessions of 2 hours 15 minutes)
  • CFA Institute’s topic weightings and exam format
  • Online answer explanations
  • Online scoring and performance tracking by topic area with a comparison to other candidates
  • Answer explanations that include LOS references for every question
  • Exam Tutorial
    • Available for Mock Exams 5 & 6 only
    • Detailed video explanations of how to arrive at each of the answers

Checkpoint Exams (online)

Three Checkpoint Exams with questions that mimic the difficulty and format of the actual CFA exam.

QuickSheet (printed and ebook)

Prepare for the CFA exam on the go! This compact study tool summarises key formulas, definitions and concepts.

Resource Library (online)

This collection of online videos and resources cover core concepts of the CFA® curriculum to prepare and support you during your studies.

InstructorLink (online)

Connect with a CFA® instructor online for personalised support and study plan advice. Ask questions and receive answers from an instructor at any time.

On Demand Classes (Online. Includes live online workshops)

Attend class on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the CFA® Program curriculum. The OnDemand class also includes five live online workshop sessions, providing you the opportunity to ask questions and work through complex practice problems with your instructor.

The On Demand Class includes:

  • 50 hours of on demand classes led by an expert instructor
  • Five live online workshops focused on exam application and problem solving
  • A two-volume set of class workbooks (online and printed) containing material, examples, and questions to support your instruction
  • InstructorLink which gives you a direct line to our instructors

On Demand Review Workshop (online)

With a balanced mix of CFA® Program curriculum review and problem solving, Schweser’s On Demand Review Workshop is just the thing to get you exam-ready. After reviewing each topic of the curriculum, instructors work through exam-like questions to help reinforce your knowledge, practise your exam techniques, and improve your exam-taking skill and speed. It’s exactly what you need during the final weeks of preparation in order to build your confidence and perform effectively on the CFA exam.

The On Demand Review Workshop includes:

  • 30+ hours of expert online instruction and review
  • Archived sessions for on demand viewing
  • Thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and problem solving techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce®
  • Review Workshop Workbook Set
    • Review Workshop Mind Maps (review slides)
    • Review Workshop Questions (practice questions)

Live Online Review Workshop (3-day live online)

Our Live Online Review Workshop is designed to focus on reviewing essential CFA® curriculum concepts to help reinforce your knowledge, practice answering exam-like questions and improve your exam techniques.

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Live Online Review Workshop includes:

  • Three (3) full days of live expert instruction and review
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce®
  • Review Workshop Workbook Set
    • Schweser Review Workshop Mind Maps (review slides)
    • Schweser Review Workshop Questions (practice questions)

Schweser Secret Sauce® (online, printed and ebook)

Take this compact book anywhere you go, printed or ebook, for a concise review of the CFA Program curriculum. Secret Sauce® provides insights and exam tips on how to effectively prepare and apply your knowledge on exam day.

The first portion of this book offers concise, readable explanations of the major parts of the CFA Program curriculum by Schweser’s team of expert authors. The second portion gives you essential exam strategies and guidance on how to pass the exam, including:

  • Tips and tricks on how to apply your knowledge
  • Basic strategies and time management hints
  • A plan for the last week prior to exam day
  • Topic-by-topic listing of high-probability exam topics
  • Analysis of level-specific question styles


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Printed study materials

Due to copyright restrictions and the time required for printing/shipping, hard copy study materials may not be available at the same time as online study materials. Hard copy study materials are printed in the US and shipped as soon as they are availableWe estimate you will receive your hard copy materials approximately one (1) month following their release, however they may be subject to shipping delays. We endeavour to deliver your materials to you as soon as possible.