Financial Planning Knowledge Test

Frequent changes to legislation make it difficult to stay on top of the education and training needs of your staff, regardless of their level of experience.

The Financial Planning Knowledge Test is designed to easily examine and determine the knowledge areas that your staff are strong in, while also identifying the areas that require further training and education.


This page contains information on:

How to use the test

The test can be used:

  • To highlight the strengths and weaknesses of current staff 
  • To test how current staff understand, and can apply, all that they have learnt in their CPD training
  • To determine the knowledge and skills of new staff
  • As a rigorous form of continuing professional development (CPD) training*

Knowledge areas assessed

The Knowledge Test assesses candidates’ skills in seven key knowledge areas, including:

  • social security
  • investments and markets
  • taxation
  • superannuation and retirement income investments
  • life insurance and risk management
  • legislation and compliance
  • financial strategies

Test format

The test is a two-hour, multiple-choice exam made up of 42 questions covering all seven knowledge areas.

Choose from three levels to cater for different levels of experience or education.




Basic For those who would refer complicated plans to more senior advisers or have access to a mentor Minimum RG 146 compliant/Diploma level qualification in financial planning
Intermediate For those who will be acting independently and offering a full range of financial planning advice Minimum Advanced Diploma level qualification in financial planning
Advanced For those with significant industry experience, who regularly provide complex financial planning advice Minimum graduate or postgraduate level qualification in financial planning

Upon completion of the exam, results are made immediately available so that you can easily assess how your staff have performed.

Kaplan will also provide you with diagnostic reporting in order to compare results, identify knowledge gaps and most importantly, determine what further training and education requirements are needed to enhance staff performance.

Delivery options

You choose how, when and where the exam is conducted.

  • How - all exams are conducted online
  • When - organise your own supervisor or a Kaplan Professional supervisor
  • Where - choose to hold the exams at your premises or at a Kaplan Professional venue

Pricing & enrolment




Individual student enrolment

per person
/per exam

 Call 1300 662 203

Multiple enrolments OR
Unlimited annual licence

On application

 Call 1300 728 505

* The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has accredited each level of the Knowledge Test with 2 CPD points (Professional Dimensions: Reflective Practice).


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