Compliant digital marketing for the financial services industry

Artemis is an automated software platform purpose built for Australian financial service providers to easily create and distribute relevant, compliant content through multiple social and digital media. Its features include:

  • Comprehensive website compliance monitoring
  • Compliance rules based on ASIC regulatory guidelines
  • Real-time feedback and compliance education


Artemis WebReporter is currently being trialled by several AFSL’s. Product demonstrations are available. Please contact 1300 728 505 or for more information.



It is an innovative and unique solution that automatically identifies and analyses digital marketing content for compliance risk, and provides a workflow tool to manage the digital marketing compliance process.

All content and material created or published within Artemis is checked against compliance rules based on ASIC’s Regulatory Guides 234 on marketing and advertising. Combining deep content inspection capabilities with an advanced natural language programming engine, Artemis identifies potential compliance issues in digital marketing in real time.

More than one-third* of financial advisers now use social media for business purposes. Financial service providers who recognise the power of social media and other digital channels have increased capacity to advertise, promote and engage effectively with clients and deliver key business messages.

The rapid growth of digital marketing has created new opportunities for financial service providers, but also new challenges and risks. There is increased pressure to provide clients with useful and relevant content, while remaining compliant. This poses a significant challenge for compliance teams to review and approve more content in a timely manner.

*FTI Consulting and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 2012: Financial Advisors’ Use of Social Media Moves from Early Adoption to Mainstream.

Producing regular and effective digital marketing content that is topical and engaging can not only be difficult and time-consuming, but it can expose financial service providers to risk. ASIC actively monitors all forms of digital marketing to ensure that it is not false or misleading, and has signalled its intent to increase vigilance in this area.

Regulatory Guide 234 provides vital guidance for financial service providers to ensure compliance with marketing and advertising. ASIC has made it clear it expects financial service providers to have implement robust processes to review and approve content.

A website monitoring service for financial service providers to identify, understand and minimise the risk of potentially non-compliant published website content by scanning and analysing websites.

  • Automatically identify potentially non-compliant content on websites
  • Review content against legal requirements and ASIC regulatory guides
  • Generate a priority list of problematic content to be fixed
  • Written report issued every 30 days summarising activity and findings
  • Access full statistics and analytics online at any time
  • Tools to track and manage website content ‘fixes’
  • Stand-alone service – no tech integration required

A cloud based workflow management platform that delivers automated real-time compliance analytics to content authors as the content is being produced (and importantly prior to publication).

  • Content discovery tools help content creators to general relevant content
  • Automated real-time ‘as content is authored’ review against legal requirements and ASIC regulatory guidelines provides training and reduces compliance workload
  • Online review and approval task manager efficiently and seamlessly connects content authors and compliance teams
  • One interface to publish approved digital marketing content simultaneously to multiple digital channels (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email, and online blogs)
  • Detailed statistics, analytics and insights accessible online at any time
  • Full tracking and audit trial of the pre-publication review and approval processes

For more information please contact us via email or 1300 728 505. Alternatively, you can speak to your Business Development Manager.