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Getting the most from your 300 hours of CFA® exam preparation

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.

To have the best possible chance of passing each level of the CFA® exam, the CFA Institute recommends allocating a minimum of 300 hours towards preparation. It’s critical for your success to efficiently plan your study in advance, rather than cramming in the final weeks before the exam. In this blog, we share our top tips for how to use your 300 hours of study wisely to significantly increase your chances of passing the CFA exam.

Tip 1: Develop your study plan at least six months before the CFA exam
Many successful CFA charterholders credit their exam success to the early development of their study plan. Depending on the exam windows, we […read more]

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I failed the CFA® exam – now what?

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.
Every year, thousands of candidates sit the CFA® exam. The CFA charter is widely considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in the investment community, so it’s no surprise the intense difficulty of the exams can often lead to several candidates failing at least once. We understand how frustrating this can be for candidates who spend months preparing for the exams. However, it’s not all bad news. At least you’ve gained experience and understand the process if you do have to re-sit. This alone can support you and increase your confidence throughout your preparation.
If you need to re-sit the CFA exam, here’s what to keep in mind.

May 2021 CFA […read more]

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How to prepare an effective CFA® study plan

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.
The CFA® exam encompasses three separate exams that each cover a lot of material. To be successful, it’s highly recommended you have an effective plan of action to master the concepts and be as ready as possible for exam day. These tips can help you prepare your own study plan.

Start early and be consistent
The CFA Institute recommends 300 hours of study, which is usually the minimum requirement most people need to be successful. In order to dedicate that many hours over six to nine months, you’ll need to put in the time and effort every week. It’s important not to cram everything into the last few months […read more]

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How to pass the 2021 Level I CFA® program exam: video tutorial

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.
If you’re a candidate for the CFA® Program, you need a study plan that will allow you to succeed. In this video, Dr. Doug Van Eaton, CFA discusses the CFA Program Level I curriculum and proven study strategies.

2021 video transcript coming soon. For reference, below is the 2020 transcript.

Hi, I’m Doug Van Eaton. I’ve been a Level I manager for CFA® education at Kaplan Schweser for about 15 years now, teaching CFA for about 20 years, CFA topics, education and teaching finance and economics for, let’s just say much longer than that. So, we’ve got a pretty catchy title for you here, right? How to pass the Level […read more]

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The best way to study for Level I of the CFA® exam

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.
While everyone hears about the difficulty of the Level I CFA® exam very few believe it until they experience it for themselves. To pass the exam, you’ll need to achieve at least the minimum passing score (MPS) set by the Board of Governors of the CFA Institute after each exam. The June 2019 Level I pass rate was only 41% and the December 2019 pass rate was only slightly higher at 42%. This means it’s crucial you have a study plan in place and adhere to it.

Former CFA Program students, who are now charterholders, were asked what advice they have for candidates just getting started in their studies. […read more]

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Designing a strategy to re-take the CFA® exam

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Kaplan Schweser.
When preparing to re-take the CFA® exam at any level, it can be difficult to determine where to start. This guide will help you focus on the areas where you need the most work plus develop a plan for preparing to successfully re-take the CFA exam.

Review your banding
Along with your results notification, if you’ve been unsuccessful, the CFA Institute will have given you a banding. The banding shows your decile in the fail population.
Bands 10, 9 & 8:
Being in the 10th banding means you were a fraction away from passing. Sometimes, being so close is more frustrating than missing a pass by a long shot. On the positive side, this […read more]

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CFA® Exam study tips: which techniques really work?

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Dr. Doug Van Eaton, CFA

CFA® exam study tips are easy to come by, so which tips and techniques really work?
Our job at Kaplan Professional and Kaplan Schweser is to help candidates prepare for and pass the CFA exam. Kaplan Schweser has been navigating the challenge of the CFA Program exam since 1990, and we understand what it takes to pass. Our study program has evolved over the years to create an engaging and motivating experience for CFA candidates, guiding them to exam success. Here we explain the challenges candidates may face in mastering the study material for the CFA charter, discuss the latest research on learning methods, and […read more]

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