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How to make the most of a networking event

In the first part of our networking series we discussed how to prepare for a networking event. This week, we’re focussing on being at the actual event itself.
You’re feeling fresh in your new outfit … you’re immaculately groomed … you’ve got your introduction spiel down pat … you’ve even remembered your business cards! So, what’s next?

Arriving at the event
Arrive early. Arriving fashionably late is not cool; it’s not a party and you’re most likely not a celebrity (if you are, be sure to follow us on social media!). If you’re a little bit nervous, arriving late to an already crowded room can be quite overwhelming.
Pro tip: Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
You’ve either:
(a) Arrived on your own; or
(b) Arrived in a group
Regardless of who you’ve arrived with, check in at the registration table as soon as you arrive. Nobody likes the awkward person who lingers in the foyer.
Pro tip: Most registration […read more]

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How to prepare for a networking event

Whether it’s compulsory or voluntary, attending a networking event can be a daunting task for some. You might not be a fan of the small talk, or the person that thrives on shaking hands with strangers, but if done right, networking events can be incredibly beneficial for your career and professional networks.
Would you like to learn how to come away from your next event with five important contacts and a new golf buddy, while avoiding the awkward introductions and monotonous small talk? Well, you’ve come to the right place. To make it easy, we’ve broken this topic down into three sections over the next three weeks: preparing for the event, being at the event and post-event.
This week we’re focussing on preparing for the event.

Know what’s going on
You wouldn’t go to a client meeting […read more]

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How to make a great first impression

Did you know it takes someone approximately four seconds to make an initial judgement on you? This judgement is then finalised within 30 seconds of the initial contact. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, your mannerisms, and how you’re dressed.
In the business world, making a great first impression is imperative for forging sustainable and long-term relationships. We’ve all met people we instantly like and want to get to know more. Most of the time, these people follow a few basic rules that make their first impression a strong one.
Bearded businessman drinking coffee at business meeting
Arrive on time
There’s nothing worse than being late to an initial meeting. It can give the other person the impression that you aren’t organised […read more]

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Goal setting … Why and how you should do it

We bet a lot of you set yourselves goals to achieve daily, monthly and yearly. However, how many of you have actually taken steps to achieve these goals?
Goal setting is something that gets thrown around a lot, but have you ever wondered the importance? Think of the saying ‘how can you get where you want to go until you know where you’re going’.  Setting goals is a fundamental component to long-term success.  Goals help you focus and allocate your time and resources efficiently and keep you motived when something may have led you astray. Additionally, Research indicates a direct link between goals and enhanced performance.
Handsome mature businessmen deep in discussion before a laptop in a corporate lounge
Developing an objective
Defining an objective is imperative. A clear objective will allow you to focus on what you […read more]

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We asked some of our students their best study tips

So, there’s this crazy trick that helps you perform better when you’re studying or about to sit an exam. Spin around seven-and-a-half times (make sure it’s exactly this amount) while waving a blue and white polka dot handkerchief in the air. You should try it.
In all seriousness, studying can be a challenge. Even if you’re the brainiest person to grace the earth since Albert Einstein, every little bit of help can make all the difference.
We recently asked some of our students to share their best study tips; and no, they didn’t involve an over-indulgence of caffeine.
“Actually utilising the study guide. It can be overwhelming looking at all the questions and reading what you have to have done, but by following these guidelines it really does break it all down and makes it manageable.” […read more]

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How to be a better networker

The value of networking is quite obvious in today’s inter-connected world.  With increased technology there are more opportunities than ever to expand your network. However, successful networking is so much more than simply connecting on LinkedIn or introducing yourself to an important person at a conference or event.
Three business partners laughing sincerely
Why is networking important?
Networking is about connecting with people to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Having people to ask for advice, seek assistance from or exchange information with is imperative for developing your career. An effective network will help you do well at your job, manage projects effectively and climb the corporate ladder.
Five tips

Start with your current contacts

Sure, it’s great to have the CEO of the biggest investment firm in town in your network, but networking isn’t just going out and building […read more]

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Coping with a bad day at work

You know what we’re talking about … we all have them. Yes, some more than others, but we’re all susceptible to a few days a year.
Bad days are demoralising. As things turn from bad to worse, you mope at your desk wishing you hadn’t of got out of bed in the morning.
So, what can you do about a bad day at work? Sometimes nothing can fix the mood or situation you’re in, but the below may turn a very bad day into an OK one.
Businesswomen doing paperwork in office
Put it into perspective
Somebody out there will be having a worse day than you (unless of course, you are having the worst day in the world). Stop, take a deep breath and remember what’s most important in life. Chances are that what you’re stressed about […read more]

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Things successful people do every morning

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so damn successful? Is it something they eat or drink… are they blessed with incredible luck? Maybe; but they aren’t great attributors to success. Successful people encompass a number of qualities; one of these is what they do every morning. We’re not saying every successful person does the below, but a fair few do … so, get inspired!
Have you noticed that poor self-control and lapses in decision-making often come later in the day? That’s because early mornings offer a new dose of willpower and people tend to be more optimistic and ready to tackle challenging tasks.

Wake up earlier: Get your hand off that snooze button! Jump out of bed because let’s face it, that extra 10 minutes isn’t going to make a difference. Time is a precious commodity, so make the most of your […read more]

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Five different leadership styles

Following on from our last post on qualities that make an effective leader, we’re sticking to the leadership theme. This post, we’re discussing different leadership styles. Different types of leadership styles exist in work environments; each style has its advantages and disadvantages. The culture and goals of a specific organisation determines which leadership style fits best. However, different countries and cultures tend to prefer certain leadership styles due to cultural, societal and economic norms.
Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where the leader is charged with identifying the needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration and executing the change with the support of committed employees. Employees are motivated and enhance productivity and efficiency through communication and high visibility. This requires the involvement of management to focus on the big […read more]

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Qualities that make an effective leader

Can you believe we’re already approaching the second quarter of the year? Perhaps some of you have leadership and management aspirations this year … maybe you’re looking to inspire your team to achieve above and beyond organisational goals? This blog discusses leadership in the workplace and is relevant to current and future leaders. In today’s competitive business environment, effective leadership is a critical requirement in order to achieve strategic goals.
Three business people walking outdoors.
Simply being in a leadership position doesn’t make somebody a good leader. While some people are born leaders, there are certain traits that effective leaders possess that provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their employees.
Honesty is the foundation of any personal and professional relationship. People want to work for a leader they can trust; a leader that has morals, […read more]

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