Kaplan Schweser CFA® 2020 PremiumPlus™ Package

If you’re committed to passing the CFA® exam, then our PremiumPlus™ Package is the study program for you. Our all-inclusive study package strategically integrates Core + Instruction + Review tools to give you the best path to success:

  • Core learning products enable you to effectively and efficiently learn the material, practise what you’ve learned and assess your knowledge.
  • Instruction tools and classes leverage expert instructors to teach the CFA curriculum through engaging lectures and exam-based applications.
  • Review products and workshops reinforce knowledge, allow you to practise with experts, and work on exam strategy.

In addition to these industry leading tools, our innovative technology tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it within the study program. This intuitive guide ensures you’re efficiently navigating  through your suite of study tools. You’ll also receive feedback on how you’re performing, delivering a personalised learning experience to keep you motivated throughout your studies, leading to better outcomes on exam day.

The PremiumPlus™ Package includes:

Weekly Classes (live online and on demand)

Attend our live online classes from anywhere in the world. Our expert instructors will guide you through essential CFA curriculum concepts, how to apply them, study tips and more. Online classes are broadcast live and then archived for viewing later.

To learn more about our Weekly Class offerings, click here.

3-Day Review Workshop (live online and on demand)

Our 3-Day Review Workshop is designed to focus on reviewing essential CFA curriculum concepts to help reinforce your knowledge, practice answering exam-like questions and improve your exam techniques.

To learn more about our 3-Day Review Workshop offerings, click here.

SchweserNotes™ Volumes 1-5 (online, printed, ebook)

A favourite among CFA candidates for nearly 30 years and a key component as you prepare for the CFA exam. Make the most of your study time with clear, exam-focused study notes and examples that cover every Learning Outcome Statement. Now available in the learning portal with integrated video lectures and module quizzes, SchweserNotes™ allows you to:

  • Study more efficiently with readings delivered in bite-sized modules
  • Apply what you’ve learned and check your understanding
  • Study on the go with the included ebook format

SchweserPro™ QBank (online)

A must-have among CFA candidates, this world-renowned study tool provides thousands of questions designed to accurately assess your understanding of the curriculum. Now with adaptive and personalised technology, SchweserPro™ QBank allows you to:

  • Test the limit of your knowledge with question difficulty that adapts to your level of proficiency
  • Optimise retention of what you’ve learned with QBank quizzes integrated with SchweserNotes
  • Track your preparedness and identify content for further review with performance metrics

Checkpoint Exams (online)

These checkpoint questions mimic the difficulty and format, with approximately one-third of the questions found in the actual CFA exam. Performance reports identify your understanding of the topics and highlight areas where further review is required.

Video Lectures (online)

In these short videos integrated with each SchweserNotes module, an expert instructor will guide you through the content and explain how to solve the examples, covering each Learning Outcome Statement.

Practice Exams Volumes 1 and 2 (printed and online)

Take the mystery out of the CFA exam with 4 full-length practice exams. They have been carefully crafted to introduce you to the actual CFA exam and give you the confidence you’ll need to be at your best on exam day. Each volume contains 2 full-length exams.

Activity feed

Provides you with a comprehensive list of recommended tasks to complete, based on the study tools available in your study package.

QuickSheet (printed and online)

This compact study tool summarises key formulas, definitions and concepts.

Resource Library

This collection of online videos and resources cover core concepts of the CFA curriculum to support you during your studies.

InstructorLink (online)

Connect with a CFA instructor for personalised support, study plan advice, and have your questions regarding difficult areas of the curriculum answered.

Weekly Class Workbooks (online)

This two-volume set of workbooks, included with our CFA Weekly Classes, contains material, examples and questions to support your live instruction. These workbooks will assist you with note taking in class as you prepare for the rigours of the CFA exam.

Review Workshop Workbook Set (online)

Included with our review workshop, this set of workbooks serves as a complement to the live, expert instruction you will receive. The two-volume set consists of:

  • Exam Workshop Mind Maps (review slides): Prepare with this collection of slides that are used in the workshop presentations to help you with note taking and information retention.
  • Exam Workshop Questions (practice questions): Utilise this volume of practice questions, used in the actual workshops, to help you apply the information you learn and perform on the CFA exam.

Schweser Secret Sauce®* (printed and ebook)

This handy, compact book offers concise explanations of the core elements of the CFA® curriculum to help you during the final review period leading up to the CFA exam. In addition, you’ll be provided with essential exam strategies including time management, and insight into how to apply your knowledge successfully on exam day.


We’re so confident your dedication and our study materials will help you pass the CFA exam, that should you need a second chance, we’ll pay for your entire exam prep package the following year.

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