CreditSmart Online Training is an award winning website developed by the Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA) Members, with the support of and endorsement by regulators and consumer advocates. It helps consumers understand the recent changes to credit reporting, their new consumer rights and how to take control of their credit report.

CreditSmart online training is a self-paced program jointly created by Kaplan Professional and the ARCA to equip advisers to answer consumer questions regarding credit reporting. The program is designed for call centre staff, accountants, mortgage brokers, financial counsellors and others who advise consumers regarding their rights and how to fix issues themselves.

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Designed to cater for learners with no prior knowledge as well as those who want to further their knowledge, this engaging program uses activity-based learning, including multi-media, audio, quizzes, case studies and interactive fact/myth sections to make learning interesting and memorable. The CreditSmart online training program covers:

  1. The basics of credit reporting
  2. What has changed in credit reporting
  3. Accessing and managing a credit report
  4. How to encourage consumers to take control of their credit reports
  5. How to find useful information on the CreditSmart site to assist consumers including FAQs, fact sheets and contact details for helpful services like ombudsmen and financial counsellors

Start anytime.

Once enrolled, students have 6 weeks to complete the CreditSmart online training. Students can continue to access the reference materials and learning tools (including webinars and PDFs) during this 6 week timeframe, and also repeat the training if they wish to do so.

Students will be awarded a certificate of participation on completion.

 Member PriceNon-Member Price
Individuals$175 (ex GST)$220 (ex GST)

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