Postgraduate Study Groups

Study groups provide the opportunity for students to get together, either online or face-to-face, with others studying the same subject. They are a great way to network, discuss the industry, share ideas and enhance the learning experience.

This is a completely voluntary exercise and we appreciate the majority of our students work full-time, so we have the following suggestions:

  • Organise a lunch and learn – Skype or face-to-face sessions during lunch breaks to discuss topic(s) covered that week.
  • Facilitate evening sessions – Work around busy schedules to organise a study session outside business hours.

How do you join a study group?

You can register your interest to participate in a study group below:

How will you be informed of your group?

You’ll receive an email with the details of your group once the allocation is complete. It will include:

  • Name and email address of each participant
  • Location details
  • Suggestions on how to facilitate your study group

Next steps

  • Agree on times and dates that you’d like to catch up
  • Decide on what you’d like to work towards and cover in the group

While Kaplan Professional will endeavour to promote and have study groups for every subject, as this initiative is voluntary and driven by student participation, we cannot guarantee there will be a study group for every student in every subject.

We hope you enjoy this initiative and use it as an opportunity to network and enhance your industry knowledge.

Please note, Kaplan Professional takes plagiarism seriously. Please refer to our Academic Integrity, Honesty and Conduct Policy for more information.