Looking to accelerate your career in data science? Our one-of-a-kind, immersive program with best-in-class instructors will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Immersive Data Science Bootcamp

With a great reputation and best-in-class instructors, our 12-week live online Data Science Bootcamp powered by Metis is designed to give you the skills and connections you need to launch a career in data science. The online format features live instruction, real-time support, and daily interaction with classmates.


“I loved the Metis online experience because the teachers did a great job of both furthering our understanding of key concepts, as well as supporting any interests the students had in the wide and deep field of data science. Pull the trigger!”


“The Metis online bootcamp was an engaging and impactful experience. I not only gained new data science skills but had great daily interactions with my fellow online attendees and instructors.”


“Bottom line: Metis was a great experience from beginning to end. I was part of the first online cohort and it was a seamless experience from interacting with teachers to collaborating with your fellow students and teaching assistants. I think all-in-all this was great value for money but it depends on how focused you are to get the results you want!”


Premier instructors

Learn and receive mentorship from industry-seasoned data scientists, while collaborating with like-minded peers that have met our rigorous admission standards.

Project-oriented curriculum

Our iterative, project-based approach enables students to apply what they learn to five different data science projects, each concluding with a presentation of the results.

Career support

Career advisers provide the curriculum, connections and individual support required to prepare you for a successful data science job search.

Active community

Our global alumni and network of partners create opportunities to constantly interact and engage with peers and practitioners in the data science community.

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Student experience


Follow along during the lecture as your instructor shares their screen.

Interact with your instructors and peers on video, in the chat and via polling.

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Real-time whiteboarding stimulates the classroom learning experience.

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Connect and collaborate with classmates during pair-programming, project work and activities.

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Connect with your instructor and classmates in your cohort’s dedicated Slack channel.

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Data Science Bootcamp

12 weeks, live online

Monday to Friday, full-time



Experience with programming, statistics, machine learning or computational modelling.



$17,000 (payment plan available)



Project 1: Exploratory Data Analysis


WEEK 2-3

Project 2: Web Scraping & Regression


WEEK 4-6

Project 3: Classification & Interactive Dashboards


WEEK 7-8

Project 4: NLP & Unsupervised Learning


WEEK 9-12

Project 5: Passion Project & Career Day

Here’s what you’ll learn at the bootcamp


Our Metis-designed Data Science Bootcamp is taught by data scientists with deep industry experience. The program combines traditional instruction in theory and technique with a project-based approach. Each project is a start-to-finish application of the skills needed to be a well-rounded, competitive practitioner in the data science workforce.




Online Pre-Work

30 hours minimum of academic pre-work and variable hours to setup.




Week 1: Introduction to the data scientist toolkit

Python, Bash Shell, Git & Github workflow, data wrangling and EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) with Python, pandas, and Matplotlib




Week 2: Linear regression, design process and web scraping

Linear regression theory/application, web scraping via BeautifulSoup and Selenium, machine learning concepts (overfitting and train/test splits)


Week 3: Statistics review, intro machine learning and communicating results

Intro to time series modeling, statistics review, intro to Bayes Theorem, linear regression regularisation, hypothesis testing




Week 4: Databases, machine learning concepts, more supervised learning

Classification and regression algorithms (Knn, logistic regression, SVM, Naive Bayes), SQL concepts, cloud servers


Week 5: Supervised learning and visualisation

More algorithms (Classification and regression trees, Random Forest), interactive visualisation with business intelligence tools, web dev essentials, Flask


Week 6: Introduction to NLP, NoSQL and unsupervised learning

NLP (textblob, NLTK, chunking, stemming, POS tagging, tf-idf) data & databases (RESTful APIs, NoSQL databases, MongoDB, pymongo), k-means




Week 7: More NLP, NoSQL, unsupervised learning

More clustering algorithms (DBSCAN), machine learning topics (curse of dimensionality, dimension reduction, PCA, SVD, LSI), intro to deep learning & neural networks


Week 8: Handling big data

A/B testing experiment design and interpretation, distributed databases (Dask, Hadoop, HiveQL)




Week 9: Big data machine learning, deep learning, ethics and begin passion project

PySpark, deep learning (CNNs, RNNs) data ethics, MapReduce algorithm, and final project initiated


Week 10-12: Complete final project and career readiness

While completing your final project, work with your career advisor to complete final one-on-one meetings and mock interviews. You’ll also get the opportunity to network with companies actively seeking data scientists during career day.

Some of the companies where Metis’ global alumni work

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Frequently asked questions

We know everybody learns differently, and like to highlight that bootcamps aren’t for everyone; Likewise, masters programs or self-study might not be for you either. Aside from the differences in length and costs of a masters program, we’ve seen that most masters programs tend to be more theoretical, while Metis has a higher emphasis on the practical application of data science, getting you ready to re-enter the workforce with all the necessary skills. Similarly, self-study can be great for some, but we’ve learned that many students come to us because of the need for a structured learning environment.

The live online bootcamp is held virtually using Zoom. Instruction will be delivered in real time with live simulcast lectures. Students will interact with their instructors, teaching assistants and classmates using Zoom and Slack. Lectures will take place in the main zoom room, and breakout zoom rooms will be used for live online students to collaborate during pair programming exercises and for 1:1s with their instructors and teaching assistants.

Yes, it requires a full-time commitment Monday to Friday.

The bootcamp costs $17,000.

You will need a strong internet connection, a free Zoom account, and a computer. Your computer needs to run OS X and have at least 4GB RAM, 2GHz, and a 100 GB HD. Alternatively, if you are a Windows user and your computer is fairly powerful, you could run a Linux Virtual Machine inside your normal Windows install. This requires some configuration. We strongly recommend students to use a MAC.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a Data Science Certificate. They will have completed rigorous training in machine learning, programming in multiple languages (Python, Bash, SQL, PySpark), data wrangling, project design, and communication of results for integration in a business environment.

No, a job is not guaranteed. However, we do guarantee to:

  • Work insanely hard to provide you with a great data science learning experience
  • Introduce you to many hiring partners who are looking to hire data science professionals
  • Provide post-session support and professional development through our careers team

Metis’ more than 1,100 global alumni have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. From finance to technology, academia to marketing, and engineering to healthcare.

If you’d like to enhance your math, python, and overall data science skills prior to applying, we’d recommend considering one of our part-time short courses.