Kaplan Professional vocational exams

Vocational education exams – online supervision

Kaplan Professional understands the outbreak of COVID-19 may have provided students with challenges organising and sitting their vocational education exam. As you may be aware, Kaplan Professional has cancelled exams at our offices around the country until further notice. In addition, directives from the government has meant many public venues have been required to close.

Kaplan Professional is pleased to advise you we’ve introduced a process where you can now sit your vocational education exams with online supervision via Zoom.

This will enable you to sit your exam at home or a suitable location where you won’t be disturbed while completing your exam.

Important: Please be advise this process will only be in place until government restrictions on public venues have been lifted.


Requirements to book a vocational exam with online supervision

It’s important to note you’ll still be required to organise an Independent Supervisor under the same conditions prescribed in your Student Handbook. Therefore, both you and your Independent Supervisor must meet the requirements before making your exam booking for online supervision.

  1. Independent Supervisor must:
  • Not be related to you or a personal friend 
  • Not reside at the same address as you 
  • Not be a student currently enrolled in the same subject 
  • Be available to supervise your exam on the set date at the specified time 
  • Not leave you unsupervised during the exam
  1. The exam venue must:
  • Be a suitable venue where you won’t be disturbed or have access to other people. Given the current circumstances, private dwellings are acceptable but please choose a suitable room/space.
  1. Both you and your Independent Supervisor must meet the following technical requirements:


Hardware Requirements  

  • A computer running Windows 10 or Mac OS X, with the operating system’s minimum requirements for processor, memory and hard drive (See the Microsoft or Apple website for minimum requirements)
  • 1024 x 768 monitor with a 16-bit or greater video card (24-bit preferred)
  • Headset and/or sound card with speakers and microphone
  • Webcam


Software Requirements  

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 10) or Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or later
  • Zoom
  • A current antivirus and antispyware application that’s updated regularly
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Google Chrome 32.0.1700.107m, Firefox 27, or Safari 5
  • Adobe Reader 10.0 or later

If you have any questions about the requirements for you and an Independent Supervisor, please contact our Student Services team on 1300 662 203 (Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 5:30pm AEDT) or mail@kaplan.edu.au.


Process to book a vocational exam with online supervision

Please download and complete this form, and return via email to enrolments@kaplan.edu.au. Any forms received after business hours (Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 5:30pm AEST) will be processed the following day.

Kaplan Professional will then book your exam sitting for you in your Kaplearn subject room and send you a calendar appointment with the Zoom access details and instructions. 

If you have any questions about making a booking, please contact our Student Services team on 1300 662 203 (Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 5:30pm AEST) or mail@kaplan.edu.au.