Postgraduate Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing is recognition of prior learning (RPL) in terms of your experience and/or studies. When you apply for Advanced Standing, we will assess your prior learning and may award you credit in the course in which you are currently studying in recognition of what you have achieved. The granting of credit results in the reduction of the amount of learning required to achieve your qualification.


We recognise various types of prior learning towards Kaplan postgraduate courses:

Advanced standing based on an Industry Designation
Submit an application via this option if you have completed an industry recognised designation listed on the Advanced Standing Precedent list.

The Advanced Standing Precedent list is provided as a guide only and should be viewed in conjunction with chosen courses and applicable course requirements.
No charge
Advanced standing based on prior postgraduate study
Submit an application via this option if you have completed postgraduate studies at another institution and are seeking credit into a Kaplan subject(s) based on this learning.

Evidence of a minimum of 80% coverage of the Kaplan subject content is required for advanced standing to be granted.
$250 per subject*
Advanced standing based on industry experience (available for Financial Planning courses only)
Submit an application via this option if you have completed your Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and believe you have the required relevant industry experience. This option will require you to prepare a comprehensive evidence portfolio demonstrating your relevant academic and professional experience.

Evidence portfolio:

Your evidence portfolio will need to establish your capacity to study at a postgraduate level. This includes demonstrating your critical and analytical thinking skills and ability to respond to complex problems.

The documentation in your evidence portfolio will include, but is not limited to; records of previous study, continuing professional development, relevant work experience at a senior level, advice authorisation, a verified resume, a current job description and employment references.

Your evidence portfolio will be reviewed by an academic panel who reserve the right to:

  • request additional supporting documentation

  • verify your work experience with your nominated referee(s) and ASIC’s Financial adviser register

  • verify your previous study with the listed provider(s)

  • request that you undertake further assessment such as an interview with a Kaplan faculty member.

Note: This option allows up to a maximum of two subject credits to be awarded towards the Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning.
$750 per subject*

*a single non-refundable $250 application fee will be charged upfront.


Fee Information:

  1. If your advanced standing application is unsuccessful, no additional fees will apply
  2. If your advanced standing application is successful, the advanced standing fee will apply (your $250 application fee will be credited towards the balance of your overall advanced standing fee).



  • Advanced Standing is not available for core subject: KAP001 Research Project.
  • Students may obtain credit for up to 50% of subjects in a specified course, where the subjects for which RPL is sought were not studied at Kaplan.


How to complete your application?

Students must complete the Advanced Standing application form and submit to ensuring they have:

  • completed the application form and signed the declaration
  • supplied required evidence

Note: your application for advanced standing cannot be reviewed until the above has been completed and submitted.

Advanced Standing application documents:

Advanced Standing Precedent list

Advanced Standing Application Form – Financial Planning

Advanced Standing Application Form – all other courses



You can call your Student Advice team on 1300 135 798 or send an email to For more information, please read the Recognition of Prior Learning policy.