Real estate program & real estate CPD fees

Re-enrolment - Licence and Registration
$150 Re-enrolment (+)
$45 per e-learning unit required to complete (+)
Re-enrolment - CPD As per original program fee
Recognition of Prior Learning $150 + Enrolment fee (see website)
Formal subject extension (2 months)
Formal subject extension (30 days)
$150 Licence and registration programs
$30 CPD
Refund administration fee $100 for registration and Licence programs
$50 for CPD
RegionPrinted Notes
New Zealand AUD $65
Hong Kong, Singapore AUD $85
United KingdomAUD $90
Philippines, SE Asia (Other)AUD $95
Pacific Islands (Inc. Fiji, Vanuatu), Papua New
AUD $105
Europe (other), Japan, North AmericaAUD $105
Africa, China, India, Middle East, South AmericaAUD $120


Refunds & Transfers

For information on refunds and transfers, refer to the refund policy located on the policies page.