Real estate recognition of prior learning

You may be entitled to receive recognition of prior learning (RPL) for existing knowledge and skills. RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises your current skill and knowledge. If you have the necessary experience and skill you may be competent in one or more of the units even though you have not completed recognised training.

RPL assessment will recognise what you know and apply it to the real estate program that you want to complete. This will reduce the time you need to spend studying and the number of units you need to complete.

The assessment process looks at your:

  • real estate experience
  • experiences gained throughout your working life
  • any education or training you have completed and applies this to the units required to complete your chosen real estate program

The education can be formal such as diplomas or degrees from recognised educational institutions or informal training such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) attendance at conferences or seminars or franchise training – in fact any learning whatsoever can be recognised.

Your skills and knowledge will be assessed by a qualified assessor. The assessor has both the education, real estate qualifications and experience to conduct the RPL assessment.

You will need to provide a portfolio of evidence that outlines your skill, experience and training. An evidence checklist will be provided so that you can gather sufficient evidence.

  1. Enrol into your course and contact Kaplan Professional to express your interest in applying for RPL*.
  2. Once your request is finalised, we will send you the necessary documentation and organise for an assessor to contact you.
  3. The assessor will guide you through the complete process.
  4. You have 6 months to submit your evidence from the date of application. If your evidence is not received in this timeframe, payment of another application fee is required’

*Please note there is an additional RPL assessment fee in addition to the course enrolment fee.

The interview is a supportive discussion. You may need to discuss your evidence with the assessor and to explore further your claim for competence in a unit or units. This interview is to assist you to gain the maximum results possible.

Next step

We will issue you with a Statement of Attainment for the program or the units of competency you have gained. If you require further study, we will provide advice on the best way to complete your course or unit(s).


Further Information

For further information, call 1300 798 006 or email