Student Support Services

We understand studying isn’t always easy; you may not have studied for some time or perhaps you haven’t studied online previously.  Juggling study, work and family commitments and trying to find the balance can be demanding.  Our support teams are here to assist you when you encounter these challenges and work with you to overcome any difficulties so you can achieve your study goals.

Below is a guide to the student support services offered by Kaplan Professional.

The Student Experience team is available to introduce you to online learning for higher education courses with Kaplan Professional.

If you’re a new or existing student a Student Experience Adviser can help you:

  • Map your study plan
  • Manage your time and workload
  • Maintain your momentum; you’ll receive contact during your studies to check you’re on track to meet your completion goals

Student Experience Advisers aren’t tutors or subject matter experts, so they can’t answer questions about subject content. The discussion forum in your KapLearn subject room is the place to go for this advice.

The Student Experience team can be contacted on 1300 135 798 (press option 1) or

Our dedicated Student Resolutions team is available to provide assistance to vocational and higher education students in resolving more complex matters that may arise during the course of your studies, including:

  • Applications for special consideration
  • Reasonable adjustment applications
  • Exam incidents
  • Complaints and appeals

The team is also responsible for facilitating queries between you and your assessor that can’t be posted in the discussion forum, such as:

  • Requests for clarification of assessment feedback
  • Assessment re-mark requests

The Student Resolutions team can be contacted on 1300 135 798 or

Support from your tutor is available in your online subject room, KapLearn. Your tutor is a dedicated industry professional and subject matter expert, available to answer your queries regarding your subject notes and assignment preparation via the discussion forum.

This is an open forum for communication between you, other students and your subject tutor, so all students can benefit from the guidance provided by the tutor when they answer a question.

You can post ‘technical’ queries, i.e. questions about concepts you don’t understand from your subject notes and clarification about the context of an assignment question.

Important: Learning support is limited to the learning content of your subject only and doesn’t extend to providing assignment or exam answers. Your online tutor won’t assist you with ‘vetting’ (previewing) your assignment answers. Queries about assignment grading, assessor comments or exam questions shouldn’t be posted on the forum. Those queries are addressed by our Student Resolutions team. Exam questions and answers are also not discussed in the forum.

The tutor isn’t contactable by telephone or email.