Student testimonials

“Kaplan is a renowned organisation that offers comprehensive study compared to other providers. I found the online model very efficient and easy to use, which provided me with professional insight into several areas of my work life.”

Michael Curnow

“As a single mum with three children and full-time employment, I found the study was very user-friendly and convenient. I would recommend Kaplan to anyone who wants a career in the industry with the credentials to back them up.”

– Rebecca Richardson

““Rather than just the theory, I learnt practical application of knowledge. I found the way that the scenarios used in the course material were described were almost identical to the real world application. Not only did I gain knowledge, I gained a new outlook on dealing with clients, which has assisted me greatly.”

“Whether you’re starting from scratch or needing to improve your knowledge, the flexibility of being able to study whilst still meeting your family and other commitments makes it a no-brainer. In my opinion, Kaplan is perfect for busy people who want to learn.”

– David Cooper

“I wanted to look for a meaningful career where I could make a difference. They day I decided to study financial planning I enquired around and out of all the courses, Kaplan seemed to be the best suited to my needs. As I live in the country, the ability to study via distance education was appealing. In addition, the staff were friendly and assistance has been a phone call / email away. Now that I am in the industry, I am glad that I had gone through Kaplan as they are highly recommended from industry experts. I have continued with Kaplan to do my advanced diploma.”

“Because of my Kaplan study, I have been able to enter into a career that once upon a time would have seemed nothing more than a foolish day dream. My circumstances did not permit me to study full-time and I could not commit to a regular study routine; because of my Kaplan study, I have advanced much further in my industry then most whom have more experience in the field.”

“My study with Kaplan gave me an opportunity to begin a future in a career that I am passionate about. Every day I assist in helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Because I my decision to study with Kaplan, I am fortunate to say that I am one of the truly lucky enough to say that they love their job, and that every day is a good day.”

– Daniel Jackson

“I selected Kaplan because of its flexibility of study, and the industry input into the course. Studying through Kaplan enables me to work full-time and maintain my studies at the same time. This is important to me because I want to excel in my career, which means both increasing my knowledge and skills, and being focussed on my role. I have also greatly appreciated the industry input into the course. The involvement of professionals in the courses, particularly in assignments and feedback, means what I am learning is relevant and focussed.” 

– Daniel Bofinger

“I completed my Diploma of Financial Planning with Kaplan and found the program very user-friendly. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. My experience gave me the confidence to continue study – I plan to complete my Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning next and then continue further.” 

– Donnene Horley

“My study with Kaplan allowed me to move up the ladder in my workplace and secure the role I always wanted. I found the online experience fantastic as it allowed me to study at my own pace.”

– Chris Jehu

“Kaplan are a well-respected education provider. The course structure gave me the flexibility to study around my work commitments. Studying with Kaplan has allowed me to progress into higher positions. The knowledge I have gained through studying with Kaplan has been of great assistance in the workplace.”

– Thomas Flint

“I found the self-paced study to be of great benefit for me as I could juggle my work, family and study to suit my needs. I had previously done external study via a university and I found Kaplan to be a lot more flexible to my needs.”

– Rebecca Kirkpatrick

“For me, the online study experience was very convenient and simple to follow. The practice tests showed me how well I was absorbing and understanding the information. The structure of the course was very clear and there was good support and guidance for keeping on track. There were informative articles and additional reading material, which I found helpful.”

– Leeann Weatherley

“Kaplan is the most reputed institution when it comes to Financial Planning studies. After doing a bit of research I found that Kaplan students are getting an edge when it comes to credibility of the course and material.”

– Gayathri Suriyanarayanan