Vocational education study support and resource requirements

If you have a condition or special learning need which impacts on your ability to study or to complete assessment, the following application processes are available to you:

For a condition or special learning need existing at the time of your initial enrolment, refer to the appropriate Reasonable Adjustment Form.
For a condition or special need that occurs during the course of your study, refer to the appropriate Special Consideration Form.
Please make us aware of your circumstance at the time of your enrolment, or as soon as possible thereafter. Refer to the Assessment Policy for further information on both of these processes.

Student services representatives are available to assist you throughout your studies, and can assist with issues including enrolment, subject selection and any issues affecting the completion of your studies.If you require support or information on your course or subject, refer to the contact us page.

Recommended browsers
You can access KapLearn using any of the browsers below, but it runs best on the latest versions:

  • Firefox 3 or later
  • Chrome 4 or later
  • Safari 3 or later
  • Internet Explorer

You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you experience problems using Kaplan’s online learning system, try using another browser.


Browser settings and support
For the best user experience at Kaplan’s online learning system, select the following browser settings:

  • enable cookies
  • enable JavaScript
  • do not block pop-up windows


Audio recording app

You will need to use a free or paid audio-recording app on your phone, tablet or computer to record and submit your oral assignment. Most devices come with a free built-in audio/voice-recording app. More information should be available in your device manual or on the device manufacturer’s website. Below are help links for some popular devices.

Individuals will require basic computing skills. This may include:

  • Saving and editing Microsoft Office documents
  • Researching, accessing and searching the internet
  • Downloading and saving documents from websites
  • Uploading documents through websites
  • Making an audio recording using a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Participating in online discussions

Students will require a calculator that has, as a minimum, the ability to raise numbers to a power (a yx or xy button). Some subjects also require processing of numbers to eight decimal places.

A financial calculator is required for some subjects, and is likely to meet your long-term requirements in the financial services industry.

Note that calculators or other electronic devices (e.g. hand-held computers/devices, translation devices*, MP3 players and mobile phones) that have the ability to store and display text are not permitted in examinations.

* Upon successful application for Special Consideration, foreign students are permitted a hard copy lexicon only.