Financial Planning

For over 20 years, Kaplan Professional has developed a respected reputation by educating and supporting paraplanners, financial planners and the wider financial services industry. We offer the most current versions of industry courses formerly delivered by the Securities Institute of Australia (SIA), the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) and Tribeca.

Kaplan Professional’s vision is to continue to uplift the industry standard by delivering qualifications that are purpose-built, practical and relevant. We have a deep understanding of the dynamic Australian financial advice environment and have embed this insight into our rigorous learning methodology that’s centred on the delivery of practical and relevant outcomes.

Our financial services qualifications are accredited as vocational education or higher education qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework and range from Certificate IV through to masters level. We also offer initial and ongoing (CPD) compliance training to meet ASIC RG146 and RG206 requirements.

Vocational Education

Entry-level qualifications for individuals seeking to pursue a career in the financial services industry, including RG 146 compliance. Both our Diploma and Advanced Diploma are well suited to paraplanners and support staff looking to be on the front foot and better position themselves in a competitive market.

Completion of a Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615 will grant individuals entry into our postgraduate financial planning pathway and provides students with RG146 Tier 1 compliance.

Entry-level qualification for individuals seeking a career in the financial services industry. This is a suitable course for paraplanners or administrative staff looking to upskill and gain a qualification. 

Entry requirements: No minimum entry requirements

Builds on the competencies gained in Kaplan Professional’s Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615. This is an ideal course for senior paraplanners or administrative staff working with a comprehensive range of financial planning services across a variety of product environments, including those involving complex issues and innovative strategies.

Entry requirements: Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615.

Higher Education (postgraduate)

Purpose-built qualifications designed and developed in consultation with industry experts that offer contemporary teachings in financial advice strategy and theory. This results in a learning methodology that combines advanced technical rigour with practical and relevant performance-focused outcomes.

Start working towards FASEA’s education requirements with a Kaplan Professional postgraduate financial planning qualification.

A four-subject postgraduate qualification set at AQF level 8 that provides a stepping stone into the Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning as part of the FPEC-approved Master of Financial Planning pathway.

An eight-subject postgraduate qualification set at AQF Level 8 and approved by FPEC. Embedded within the FPEC-approved Master of Financial Planning. 

Purpose-built degree set at AQF level 9, which is on the FPEC-approved register and will be adopted by FASEA for authorisation. It’s designed and developed in consultation with industry experts, and combines advanced technical rigour with practical and relevant performance-focused learning outcomes.

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Rachael Bursell

Courses: FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning, Master of Financial Planning

“Kaplan Professional’s support flexible study options were ideal for me, working full-time and trying to build a business”

Rachael Bursell is a Financial Adviser with Finance Your Future. Rachael has over 17 years’ industry experience and was recently nominated for the 2018 AFA Rising Star Award. She maintains that advisers who make a strategic effort to further themselves through education will reap the benefits in the future.