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About UNSW Global

UNSW Global is a leader in global education, assessment, training, and expertadvisory services. It is a not-for-profit, wholly owned enterprise of UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales).

Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) is the assessment division of UNSW Global. Since 1981, EAA has been conducting annual large scale assessments of Australian school students in English, mathematics, science, writing, spelling, and digital technologies through its flagship ICAS product which now reaches over 1.5 million students internationally.

In addition to its work in large scale international school assessments, EAA works with Government and with professional accreditation bodies, both in Australia and abroad, in developing quality assessments and analysing assessment data. In particular, EAA has worked with Australian Commonwealth and State Governments and with Governments in the UK, South Africa and China.

  • Overview
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      The Kaplan-UNSW Global Diagnostic for Financial Advisers (KUDOS) is an invaluable diagnostic tool for the financial advice industry, particularly for training and compliance purposes.

      Developed in consultation with world-renowned psychometricians from UNSW Global’s Education Assessment Australia (EAA), Kaplan Professional’s financial planning subject matter experts and a panel of senior industry practitioners, KUDOS is a scientifically validated assessment.

      Uncompromising in its quality, KUDOS is regularly updated and refreshed, and sets a new national benchmark in financial advice assessment.


  • Recommended uses
    • The diagnostic is an invaluable tool for the industry and can be used for the following purposes.



      Allows employers to assess the knowledge and skills of potential and new employees, by determining knowledge strengths and weaknesses, and identifying individual training needs. It demonstrates both the overall level of knowledge and granular analysis in specific knowledge areas.


      Training and CPD gap analysis

      Allows training managers to identify strengths and weaknesses across groups, teams or in individual advisers. Personalised training plans can then be developed which target areas of most need. The diagnostic can also be used to gauge the success of training through re-testing, and to determine the return on investment of training expenditure.


      Corporate and industry benchmarking

      Benchmarking allows organisations to gain a greater understanding of the level of knowledge of the industry, and their advisers compared to the industry. This allows corporates to strive for excellence in adviser knowledge with reliable and analytical data to prove it.


      Compliance monitoring

      Provides powerful, independent proof of individual and group adviser knowledge for compliance and regulator review, which can be tracked year-on-year. Where linked to training and CPD it can be used to demonstrate evidence of strategies used to improve identified areas of weakness.

  • Program information
    • Assessment type

      Online, supervised, multiple choice assessment

      Please note: Kaplan Professional strictly monitors supervision arrangements where an individual elects to sit the assessment at a venue other than a Kaplan Professional office.



      56 across seven (7) knowledge areas with eight (8) questions in each area



      Intermediate or mid-level adviser (i.e. Advanced Diploma of AQF Level 6)


      Knowledge areas

      • Social security: Covers the application of asset and income test requirements, deeming, eligibility rules for key payments and programs, and the calculation of payment entitlements in relevant client scenarios.
      • Investments & markets: Covers the understanding, application and mechanics of relevant investment terms, products and calculations. Key investment theory principles may also be examined.
      • Taxation: Covers the application of tax legislation and calculation of tax liabilities in a range of client scenarios.
      • Superannuation & retirement income investments: Covers applicable superannuation rules including self-managed superannuation, the treatment of superannuation contributions and the mechanics of income streams. Key taxation elements regarding superannuation and retirement planning may also be covered.
      • Life insurance & risk management: Covers the different types of life insurance contracts and their uses in client situations, including businesses.
      • Legislation & compliance: Covers key legislation and compliance issues and how they apply in providing advice to clients.
      • Financial strategies: Covers the application of appropriate strategies in a range of common client scenarios.

      Note: Candidates will have access to a Reference Guide which provides the relevant rates and threshold information to be used in the assessment.



      2 hours


      Times and locations

      At a Kaplan office during office hours, or an appropriate venue of your choice at a time that suits you.

      Click here to view Kaplan office exam timetables and venues.


  • Reporting
    • The KUDOS report allows candidates and their employers to identify strengths and weaknesses in each knowledge area, and how they performed in relation to others. Results across each knowledge area are reported on a scale from Band 1 to Band 4. This scale represents the level of skill and understanding demonstrated in each knowledge area.

      The KUDOS report also provides a breakdown of individual questions in each knowledge area. For those questions answered incorrectly or not attempted, feedback descriptions and recommended articles are given to provide further information about those knowledge areas.


      NEW — Just-in-time learning








      For more information about the report, please click here.

      Note: Additional CPD points are not awarded for the completion of KUDOS Learning.

  • Enrolment information
    • Business enrolments

      Speak to your Business Development Manager or contact Corporate Solutions on 1300 728 505 or corporatesolutions@kaplan.edu.au


      Individual enrolments

      Contact Student Services on 1300 662 203 or enrol online.



      Option Price
      Individual student enrolment $242 (GST inclusive) per person, per assessment
      Multiple enrolments On application


      Individuals must complete KUDOS within four (4) weeks from the date of initial enrolment. Please note, individuals are only permitted to re-enrol into KUDOS 12 weeks after their first attempt.

  • Pathways
    • CPD

      Continuing professional development (CPD) of your knowledge and skills is essential to remaining compliant under ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146).

      Kaplan offers CPD training through Ontrack — our online CPD platform — which delivers monthly multimedia training, along with tracking and reporting capabilities.

      Kaplan’s CPD training is recognised and accredited by the AFA, FPA and SMSF Association.


      The FPA have assessed KUDOS and awarded CPD hours as follows:

      • CPD hours: 2 hours (Professional Dimensions – Capability and Critical Thinking)
      • Tax (TPB CPE): 2 hours
      • Knowledge areas: Financial Planning; Social Security; Taxation; Managed Investments; Securities, Superannuation and Life Insurance


      The AFA have assessed KUDOS and awarded CPD points as follows:

      • CPD points: 2 points
      • Knowledge areas: Financial Planning; Social Security; Taxation; Managed Investments; Securities, Superannuation and Life Insurance