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Courses designed to grow your career

Designed for the forward thinkers who want to position themselves for success, Kaplan Professional’s Master of Applied Finance provides you with the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to upskill and progress your career in a competitive global finance industry.

Suitable for career-driven individuals, this course is built on a strong foundation of both advanced academic theory and practical knowledge highly desired by employers.

This means everything you learn is specifically designed to provide you with a competitive edge to flourish in your career. With content and coursework aimed at boosting your quantitative analysis skill set, the Master of Applied Finance is suitable if you’re looking to stand out when applying for a senior position.

You can choose to specialise in a particular area most useful to your chosen career path, tailoring your study to suit your lofty aspirations.

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How Kaplan Professional helps you plan your education

Courses built with flexibility in mind

With six study periods available throughout the year and a 100% online curriculum, you can study where and when it suits you. Benefit from the latest in interactive digital learning and support. Learn from contemporary, practical and relevant case studies to take control of your postgraduate education.

Courses built with flexibility in mind

Proactive and personalised student support

Gain access to a student support network designed to help you achieve your educational goals in a way that works for you.

As well as early access to your course materials, you get on-demand support from our Student Advisers whenever you need them, and access to a wealth of educational tools to drive your learning in the direction you want. From online forums and databases to recorded lectures and digital modules, you're supported every step of your journey. A Student Adviser will help you to create a study plan tailored to your work and personal commitments.

Proactive and personalised student support

Gain an industry-recognised qualification

When you study with Kaplan Professional, you benefit from our global reputation, which is built by the quality of our education and industry partnerships. As Australia's longest-standing provider of the Master of Applied Finance, you can be assured we are highly regarded and renowned in the finance sector.

Many of your peers who've completed this course have secured highly-desirable roles at companies across Australia and around the globe.

Gain an industry-recognised qualification

Learn directly from industry professionals

A Kaplan Professional postgraduate qualification is more than just academic theory and allows you to apply your knowledge in a practical way. Learn direct from industry experts currently working in the sector.

Gain access to their depth of knowledge and personal experience, so you can learn what has enabled these professionals to succeed, allowing you to translate this into your own career journey. Armed with these coveted knowledge and insights, your postgraduate qualification will provide you with tested tools and techniques to take control of your career in new and exciting ways.

Learn directly from industry professionals
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