Real Estate NSW CPD Program



Class 1 or Class 2 Licence holders

Do you hold a Class 1 or Class 2 licence? Are you looking for continuing professional development (CPD) to meet NSW Fair Trading’s CPD requirements for the renewal of your registration or licence?

Kaplan Professional’s online NSW CPD Program is ideal if you wish to renew your licence or hone your skills in a competitive real estate industry. Our program also assists agents in meeting their professional duty to stay up to date with industry changes.

Designed for busy property professionals, all learning material is supplied online, allowing you to meet all your CPD obligations in the one program.


Assistant Agents

Certificate of Registration holders working as assistant real estate agents are required to complete a minimum of three (3) units of competency from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice each CPD year. For further information on options to meet these requirements, click here.

  • Efficient way to meet NSW Fair Trading CPD requirements for licence renewal


  • Build your confidence and credibility if you’re new to the property industry


  • Showcase your learning and achievements to your clients (i.e. when completing appraisals)
  • The benefits of CPD aren’t just felt when you’re renewing your licence – many agency employers now value ‘learning agility’ and commitment to professional excellence as a core competency at work


  • By updating your skill set and assisting you to stay current with the latest compliance requirements and legislation, CPD can help you achieve your career goals and thrive in an ever-changing property industry

Who’s it for?


Kaplan Professional’s Real Estate NSW Class 1 and Class 2 libraries are ideal for busy property professionals and organisations who need to manage their CPD obligations as required by NSW Fair Trading.

  • Class 1 or Class 2 licence holders who wish to renew their licence, including all licensed real estate agents, stock and station agents, and strata managing agents
  • Any individual interested in developing their skills and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge in the property industry

Industry requirements

NSW Fair Trading requires licence holders in NSW to complete up to nine (9) hours of continuing professional development (CPD) per year as a condition of renewing their registration or licence.

The number of hours that must be completed depends on the class of licence held. Class 1 licence holders are required to complete nine (9) hours per year and Class 2 licence holders are required to complete six (6) hours per year.

Topics covered

The following CPD topics are suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 licence holders:

  • 1A COVID-safe business | 1 CPD hour
  • 1B Supervision guidelines and rules of conduct | 1 CPD hour
  • 1C Cybersecurity and fraudulent activity | 1 CPD hour
  • 1D Industry contracts | 1 CPD hour
  • 1E Privacy | 1 CPD hour
  • 2A Underquoting | 1 CPD hour
  • 2B Disclosure of material facts | 1 CPD hour
  • 3B Short-term rental accommodation code of conduct | 1 CPD hour

Completion of these topics can count towards the three (3) hours of compulsory CPD or  towards the three (3) hours of elective CPD mandated by NSW Fair Trading. It’s recommended that licence holders select topics relevant to their current role and professional development needs.

The following business skills CPD topics are also suitable for Class 1 licence holders:

  • Tips for reducing and mitigating risk in the property sector | 1 CPD hour
  • Demonstrating emotional intelligence in HR management | 1 CPD hour
  • Keeping the record straight in your property business | 1 CPD hour



The NSW Real Estate CPD Program is delivered online through Kaplan Professional’s CPD platform, Ontrack. It provides you with a flexible online working environment, which enables you to complete your training anywhere and anytime, at a pace that suits your needs.

Once your Ontrack subscription has been processed, you’ll be provided with access to your learning resources. This may include, but is not limited to:

1. Learning content

2. Assessments

3. Completed activities report

4. Learning and technical support

As this is an online program, you may subscribe at any time and gain access to the content and assessments to complete your CPD.

Corporate clients should contact our Corporate Solutions team on 1300 728 505 to discuss face-to-face delivery options and how we can tailor our training to your business needs.

Subscription details



  • 2022 Real Estate NSW Class 1: $150 (GST inclusive)
  • 2022 Real Estate NSW Class 2: $120 (GST inclusive)



The CPD year for all licence and certificate holders starts on 23 March each year and ends on 22 March the following year.

Once you’ve purchased a 12-month subscription, you’ll have access to content relevant to your class of licence and all assessments associated with that content. It’s strongly recommended you complete your assessments and obtain your certificate prior to your renewal date with NSW Fair Trading.


Assessments for this program include:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Short answer questions
  • True/false questions
  • Fill-in-the-blank style questions

To pass the assessments you must achieve 75% or higher. You’re entitled to a total of three (3) attempts at each assessment. If you exhaust your assessment attempts, please contact our Ontrack Support team on 1300 527 526 or

Entry Requirements


There are no prerequisites for this program.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) requirements

This program requires you to read comprehensive learning content, complete a range of online  assessment questions and at times, undertake independent research activities.

If you have any doubts about whether you have the language, literacy and numeracy skills to undertake this program, we recommend you speak with our Student Services team on 1300 662 203 or

Recommended browsers

You can access Ontrack – Kaplan Professional’s online CPD platform – using any of the browsers below, but it runs best on the latest versions: 

  • Firefox 3 or later
  • Chrome 4 or later
  • Safari 3 or later
  • Internet Explorer

You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you experience problems using Ontrack, we recommend you try using another browser.


Browser settings and support

For the best user experience, select the following browser settings:

  • Enable cookies
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Do not block pop-up windows


On successful completion of Kaplan Professional’s Real Estate NSW CPD Program, you’ll be provided access to your completion data via the reports in Ontrack.

For more information on the CPD obligations for different categories of licence holders, please visit the NSW Fair Trading website.



Individuals who enrol in a Kaplan Professional course are bound by our published policies, including the policy setting out our rules for assessment. Individuals can review these policies here. The policies also assist individuals when their study program doesn’t go as planned and they need extra support.


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