Kaplan Professional has been an established market leader in the provision of continuing education in Australia for over 25 years.

Kaplan Professional has designed and delivered learning experiences to help organisations meet evolving continuing education needs, while supporting them to enhance the performance of their people in the workplace.

As the learning partner of choice for corporate organisations around the country, Kaplan Professional has developed state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise that allows us to provide organisations and individuals with the platform, content and support they need to manage and meet their learning needs.

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As a purpose-built learning platform with a mobile-responsive interface, Ontrack allows busy professionals the ability to easily access, track and complete their learning anytime and anywhere. Ontrack also provides organisations with helpful planning and reporting tools to easily customise and manage learning experiences at an individual or group level.

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Ontrack provides access to insightful, wide-ranging and topical learning content developed in consultation with industry and academic experts. Our dedicated and experienced team can develop customised content tailored to an organisation’s specific needs. Clients can also create and curate their own content using an in-built rapid content creation and authoring tool.

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Over 25 years, Kaplan Professional has developed a deep understanding of the learning needs of corporate Australia and can offer expert guidance and comprehensive support. From on-boarding to policy development and bespoke content creation across any industry, we provide a holistic and full-service continuing education consulting solution.

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