Kaplan Professional’s in-house team of learning development specialists, subject matter experts and multimedia producers work with industry experts and academics to produce timely, topical and in-depth content on a monthly basis. This collaboration ensures Ontrack’s extensive catalogue of quality content provides practical and relevant learning on industry-related topics, emerging trends and global affairs.


With more than 300 digital modules, videos and podcasts published annually, Ontrack’s engaging and diversified multimedia format appeals to a variety of individual learning styles. Delivered on-demand for busy professionals, Ontrack’s learning content is self-paced and grounded within an educational framework.


Kaplan Professional continues to expand its content to suit the learning needs of a variety of industries and job roles. Organisations also have the ability to create and curate their own custom content to suit employee-specific needs with Ontrack’s rapid content development tool Originate.

Australian content libraries

Kaplan Professional’s Credit and Mortgage Broking library is suitable for credit licensees, mortgage brokers and responsible managers who are required to meet continuing professional development (CPD) obligations under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) RG 206 requirements.

The library’s in-depth content is current and topical, ensuring credit licensees and mortgage brokers are at the forefront of the latest industry insights. It empowers your employees to stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements, while maintaining, deepening and broadening their knowledge.

Ontrack CPD is accredited and recognised by leading industry associations such as the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).

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Cybersecurity is one of Australia’s national security priorities and is a critical issue for all businesses. Kaplan Professional’s Cybersecurity library has been developed in response to fundamental provisions in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and to assist businesses educate their employees on cyber threats and the importance of cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity library is suitable for anyone who requires on-going and up-to-date knowledge of cybersecurity. Its practical and relevant content is designed to provide skills and knowledge on cybersecurity awareness, information and data security, risk management, and prevention of digital and cyber attacks. Content also covers relevant regulations and standards.

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Recent legislation changes and the fallout from the Royal Commission has put an intense spotlight on licensees and financial advisers, making it imperative they keep up-to-date with continuing education obligations and stay abreast of a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Kaplan Professional is the acknowledged leader in the provision of industry continuing education and has been at the forefront of innovation for over 25 years. We’re passionate about encouraging advisers to embrace lifelong learning, while providing them with the knowledge and capability to elevate their performance for the benefit of their clients.

The Financial Advice library is suitable for financial advisers who are required to meet continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. Content is published in each of the CPD areas: Technical Competence, Client Care and Practice, Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection, Professionalism and Ethics, and General. The library also includes a Professional and Technical Reading online magazine published quarterly. All content published in the library is designed to meet ‘qualifying CPD activity’ requirements.


Note: It is the responsibility of the responsible licensee to ensure approved CPD meets ‘qualifying CPD activity’. Ontrack CPD is accredited and recognised by leading industry associations such as the Financial Planning Association (FPA), Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and CPA Australia.

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Kaplan Professional’s General Financial Services library is suitable for those who are required to meet continuing professional development (CPD) obligations under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) RG 146 requirements and/or credit and mortgage broking responsibilities.

This library is suitable for anyone who requires CPD on a wide range of topics across the financial services sector, including those providing general advice. It may also be suitable for:

  • Managers
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Responsible managers
  • Back office and support staff
  • Bank tellers
  • IT systems staff
  • Business analysts
  • Anyone who requires broad, on-going and up-to-date knowledge of financial services


Note: This library is not suitable for financial advisers.

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Kaplan Professional’s Investment Management library is suitable for participants in wholesale financial markets such as investment managers and fund managers. Its in-depth and topical content is designed to provide up-to-date knowledge on investment management, portfolio construction, assets classes, markets and trends.

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Kaplan Professional’s Tier 2 Compliance library is suitable for those who are required to meet Tier 2 continuing professional development (CPD) obligations under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) Tier 2 RG 146 requirements. It covers deposit products and non-cash facilities, general insurance, generic knowledge, ethics and skills.

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Australian standalone modules and short courses

Kaplan Professional’s Compliance Training enables you to deliver compliance and soft skills training to your organisation in an interactive and engaging way.

Developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s best e-learning consultants, leading corporate organisations and specialist legal firms, content is both legally approved and addresses the dynamic needs of businesses today.

Each digital module takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete, making it an efficient and effective medium to deliver training to employees. Modules can be purchased as a package or individually, depending on your organisation’s needs.



  • Bullying in the office
  • Cybersecurity
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Equity and diversity
  • Fraud awareness
  • Privacy awareness
  • Social media


Duration: 20-30 minutes per module

Price: $15 per module ($75 for all 8 modules)

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NSW Fair Trading requires licence holders in NSW to complete up to nine (9) hours of continuing professional development (CPD) a year as a condition of renewing their registration or licence. The number of hours that must be completed depends on the class of licence held:

  • Class 1 licence holders are required to complete nine (9) hours per year
  • Class 2 licence holders are required to complete six (6) hours per year

Kaplan Professional’s Real Estate NSW Class 1 and Class 2 libraries are ideal for busy property professionals and organisations who need to manage their CPD obligations as required by NSW Fair Trading.

The Real Estate NSW libraries are suitable for all licensed real estate agents, stock and station agents, and strata managing agents.


Learn more >

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Kaplan Professional’s Recognising Trauma and its Impact in the Workplace course has been developed specifically for business leaders, people managers and those in client-facing roles.

It is designed to provide insight into traumatic behaviour and the ability to identify possible trauma in others in order to best manage the working situation and support the individual, which may include referral to a health professional (e.g. counsellor or psychologist). It also aims to provide the ability to manage one’s own response to trauma.



  • Introduction to trauma identification
  • Your implicit biases
  • Impact of trauma on the brain
  • Identification of possible trauma
  • What to do once potential identification of trauma has been made
  • Speaking with someone who may have trauma


Duration: 6 hours (45-60 minutes per topic)

Price: $250 per person (corporate rates available)

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Kaplan Professional’s 100% online Responsible Manager short courses are ideal for financial services organisations who need to manage their Responsible Managers’ continuing professional development (CPD) obligations. Whether you require induction training for new Responsible Managers, or ongoing or refresher training for existing Responsible Managers, our purpose-built short courses and forums can assist with your licensing duties.

Each Responsible Manager short course comprises of 10 digital modules, providing eight (8) CPD hours/points. The courses reflect significant changes to the regulatory landscape and recent legislative amendments. Each short course is delivered in an engaging and interactive way, leveraging the latest in digital learning with knowledge check activities and various multimedia formats such as videos, motion graphics and infographics.

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The assessment for each module comprises eight (8) questions and requires 75% to pass. On successful completion of all course modules, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

The Responsible Management short courses include:

  • Responsible Manager (Financial Advice) — Available now
  • Responsible Manager (Credit) — Available now
  • Responsible Manager (General Financial Services) — Coming soon


Responsible Manager (Financial Advice)

The Responsible Manager (Financial Advice) short course considers the role and responsibilities of Responsible Managers within their organisations and across the industry more broadly. Throughout the 10 modules, the short course will:

  • Discuss the regulatory landscape and the role of key regulators
  • Examine recent updates to legislation and regulation
  • Explore ongoing issues such as conflicts of interest and anti-money laundering

In addition to exploring key regulatory issues, the short course also has a strong focus on the responsibilities of Responsible Managers regarding consumer protection and enhancing the quality of financial services.


Responsible Manager (Credit)

The Responsible Manager (Credit) short course considers the role and responsibilities of Australian Credit Licence (ACL) Responsible Managers. Throughout the 10 modules, the short course will:

  • Examine recent legislative and regulatory updates in a credit context
  • Explore the social impact and responsibilities of ACL Responsible Managers
  • Consider topical issues facing the credit industry today
  • Focus on the importance of consumer protection and enhancing the quality of credit activities.

New Zealand content library

Kaplan Professional with the support of Massey University has designed a content library specifically for financial services professionals in New Zealand.

Delivered via our market-leading, purpose-built Ontrack platform, the Financial Services New Zealand library is suitable for practising Financial Advisers (FAs) and Nominated Representatives (NRs), allowing them to meet their continuing professional development requirements under The Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services – Standard 9.

It provides a clear and distinguishable way for Financial Advice Providers (FAPs) and their employees to demonstrate how they’re maintaining ongoing competence and knowledge to deliver advice under the revamped regime and regulatory framework.

Content is provided on an ongoing basis across the following topic and sub-topic areas:

  • Technical
    • Risk advice
    • Investment and retirement advice
    • Property advice
  • Advice process and client skills
  • Ethics and best practice
  • Business and personal development
  • General
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Frequently asked questions

Ontrack is a purpose-built platform designed to deliver innovative and empowering learning experiences. With an intuitive design and responsive interface accessible on multiple devices, the platform enables users to conveniently complete their learning anytime and anywhere.

Ontrack allows the creation of individual or group learning profiles and multiple learning plans based on users’ roles and learning requirements. In addition, the platform enables users to create and maintain a centralised lifelong learning repository, as well as the ability to upload a record of external and face-to-face training.

Ontrack also offers comprehensive reporting and tracking tools to manage ongoing learning, monitor progress, and provide insightful analytics at an individual or group level.

New learning content is released in Ontrack’s content libraries bi-monthly, on the 1st and 15th of each month. With more than 300 digital modules, videos and podcasts published annually, Ontrack’s engaging and diversified multimedia format appeals to a variety of individual learning styles.

While we continue to expand content within the Ontrack platform, our dedicated and experienced team can also develop customised content across any industry and tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.

In addition, organisations can also create and curate their own custom content to suit employee-specific needs with Ontrack’s in-built rapid content development tool, Originate.

Choose from 12-month content library subscriptions, courses and standalone modules across various topic areas. These can be viewed here.

Simply click ‘Subscribe’ or ’Enrol’ and complete the online subscription form. The online subscription form allows you to select multiple content libraries, courses and standalone modules for multiple users, should you wish. Our friendly and knowledgeable Ontrack support team will then contact you to finalise your sign up to Ontrack.

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