In the current COVID-19 climate, leaders at all levels and across all industries face significant challenges. Leaders must quickly navigate and adapt to this new environment and be ready to respond appropriately.

Crisis leadership is very different to ‘business as usual’ leadership. Managing a remote workforce and an uncertain future, requires a different set of skills and a fundamental shift in who you are and how you lead. It is now more important than ever for leaders to show uncertainty and vulnerability, as well as demonstrate compassion and transparency.

To help you and your organisation overcome the challenges of today’s environment, we have compiled this series of complimentary resources on crisis leadership in isolation.


We all respond and adapt to change differently. An important part of leadership is to create space for others’ emotions and accept individual mindsets during challenging times.

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We aren’t all natural-born crisis leaders and responding to new situations may not be easy. Learn how the current circumstances have impacted leadership today.

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Effective leadership responses have been identified from previous world crises. Learn what works in crisis leadership, including acknowledging emotion, transparency and more.

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While working remotely, it’s important for leaders to consider extroverts and introverts, and compromise on what works best for you, them and the business.

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Learn more about the psychological and neurological effects of social confinement in today’s environment, compared with solitary confinement in prison.

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Who we are at work isn’t always who we are at home. Discover how to overcome your professional and personal life merging while working remotely.

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In a short space of time, the world we live in has changed dramatically. It was once normal to have the flexibility to work from home every now and again. We’ve now moved into a world where working from home is temporarily being enforced. Our freedom to socialise and everyday routine has been disrupted, and we’ve had to quickly establish a ‘new normal’.

This webinar aims to help you better understand social isolation and the behaviours the COVID-19 situation will drive. You’ll learn about humans in crisis, leadership in crisis and probable reactions across teams throughout this challenging time.

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