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You’re already a great leader. Don’t you want to become an extraordinary one?

ELEVEN is a dynamic new leadership program designed to unleash your full potential and take you to an 11/10 in every aspect of your life. Developed by a group of neuroscientists, psychologists and psychotherapists, ELEVEN is based on 11 attributes that will help you understand your true self in order to become an extraordinary leader.

“A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”

John C. Maxwell

Challenge your thinking
and unleash your full potential.

The great disruptive leaders of our age have the unique ability to make their vision compelling to others by tapping into a truth within themselves. This is not something you are just born with, or simply learn through experience, it is something you become once you have developed a true understanding of yourself.

Only then can you share that self-belief in a way that generously allows others to find it for themselves. This is the essence of the new evolution of leadership – expansive, vulnerable and ultimately sustainable because it is intrinsic instead of being extrinsically imposed.

ELEVEN is about leveraging the latest learnings in behavioural science to help you break out of the paradigm and become the leader you always knew you could be.

How was ELEVEN Developed?

ELEVEN was born from the frontline experience of people who are frustrated by the examples of leadership around them. Despite much investment in leadership development and the latest research in neuroscience, it seemed very little was changing – the gap between rhetoric and practice appears wider than ever. The question was, what could be done differently?

We decided to research the globe for award-winning programs and extract the top reasons as to why they were all so successful. We then gathered a room full of thought leaders in the areas of business development, digital, psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, strategic architecture, marketing and branding, business leadership, and academia. We gave the thought leaders our research and real-life case studies of challenges that leaders face today. As a result, we began to create the dream recipe of leadership reality.

“Provoking, dynamic and entertaining performance with interface storytelling and humor”


Women in Leadership Summit





These ELEVEN attributes tap into the rich seam of humanity, exemplifying the very best of what it is to be human.


Agility is the new essential, and true entrepreneurs find themselves evaluating the need to pivot the business model. Give yourself permission to deviate!


The cornerstone to relationships. Listen to understand rather than listening to respond.


Tap into your inner child to allow yourself a sense of wonder and original thought.


Bravery is the enemy of average. Embrace the role of courage and discomfort in leadership.


Know your triggers that prevent true compassion when other people’s differences and choices feel confronting.


Open your mind to your blind spots no matter how confronting the FIX might be.


It takes courage to be yourself. Address the default strategies you use to avoid being vulnerable.


Connect divergent dots in new ways to create ideas that break through. Foster an environment that feels uncomfortable for all the right reasons.


Finding your purpose is one of life’s greatest quests. Confront your purpose, stay curious to it, and allow it to evolve when it needs to.


Own your space, welcome truths, be who you are, and create a safe space for others to do the same.


Inspire strength in yourself and others, especially when it feels hard to do.

How can we create an
experience for you?

ELEVEN is a truly unique experience. Designed to be completed over 12 months, it begins with a self-assessment of your own thinking, learning and personal preferences. Based on those results, you will be able to plan your personal learning pathway completely tailored to you.

The ELEVEN program is split into three distinct categories, designed to give you the confidence you need to maximise your performance as an effective leader.



Introspective view on who you are prior to understanding how that fits into what you do.


Actions involving others and the style of leadership they aspire to.


Readiness to run an industry or an organisation, and your role in creating and impacting systems such as culture.

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Why work with us?

There is nothing in the world like ELEVEN. It was designed to be an experience that helps its members thrive and reflect, but most importantly, implement.


Our experts


Jason Mitchell is a professor of psychology at Harvard University and is the principal investigator at the Social Cognitive and Neuroscience Lab at Harvard University. He is the recipient of honors and awards that include the Janet T. Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions from the Association for Psychological Science, the SAGE Young Scholars Award and the Troland Research Award from the US National Academy of Sciences.

Sandy has over 15 years’ experience in corporate leadership, learning and development, and employee engagement in blue chip organisations. Sandy has seen first-hand the effects of negative and positive behaviour on teams, individuals and culture, and it’s a real eye-opener to listen to her memoirs from the front line. She gathers a collective experience from years of observations and packages them in a hard-hitting, engaging and academic collection of truths.

Milo-Arne is an international award-winning business strategist in the area of business development and was voted one of the top five female leaders within the country. Milo-Arne specialises in behavioural patterns, behavioural intent, body language, individual purpose, imposter syndrome, and self-worth. She has over seven degrees in the areas of cognitive and clinical neurosciences, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and criminal psychology.

Belinda Wetenhall is a qualified naturopath and is an educator and eLearning specialist with the Blackmores Institute – the education, advisory and research arm of Blackmores – Australia’s most trusted vitamin brand.  Belinda developed and delivered the nutritional medicine curriculum at one of Australia’s leading natural health colleges and continues to lecture in evidence-based nutrition to students. Belinda enjoys sharing clinical insights on the role of holistic healthcare and complementary medicines, and in her role with Blackmores Institute, she creates interactive online natural healthcare modules to educate and inspire frontline healthcare professionals.  


We constantly ask our clients why they choose us … and stay with us, over time. Here is why:

1. Experience. With a top-notch brains trust of professionals with in-depth expertise, high integrity and customer-centric strategies, you have the kind of partner you can count on for years to come.

2. Loyal top-tier clients. It’s true, our client list includes the most recognised names in the business world. But more importantly, we take great pride in the loyalty of our clients.

3. Results. Producing measurable and sustainable results for each client is key to our approach. The psychometric is a unique experience and offers a ‘whole of life’ approach to a learner’s development. Corporate training is not done in isolation to ‘life’, so a whole of life approach to learning is essential.

Expanding Comfort Zones

Step out of your comfort zone with this complimentary half-day workshop, presented by Kim Taylor

The purpose of this complimentary half-day workshop is to test your limiting beliefs in a fun and engaging way in order to uncover some personal insights into your self-imposed comfort zones.

Our beliefs and barriers are exactly where we put them, so welcoming vulnerability and bravery will allow us to move them forward. If you find yourself playing it safe in your career and are looking to take that next potentially career-defining risk, then this workshop is for you!


Date:      Thursday, 22 February

Time:      1:00pm – 4:00pm

Venue:    STUDIO Sydney Tower
                Level 4, Sydney Westfield Tower
                Cnr Market & Castlereagh Streets, Sydney


Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor has spent 20 years immersed in the fields of creative therapy, learning and development, and the performing arts. Kim has coached and trained hundreds of executives across a diverse range of industries both nationally and globally.

Kim is a unique specialist who combines deep content with interactive experiences and humour. Utilising neuroscience, acting and story-telling techniques, Kim is dedicated to providing the tools needed to enhance communication, creativity, team culture, and confidence – all while having a great time!

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