Vocational Education Workshops

Workshops are a great way to complement your self-study learning. They cover the key concepts and ideas presented in your subject notes and provide you with the opportunity to see theory or concepts in action.

You will benefit from attending a workshop by:

  • having your comprehension of topic learning objectives clarified and reinforced
  • being exposed to the practical insights and experiences of industry practitioners who 'walk the talk'
  • hearing key concepts explained in laymen's terms
  • being exposed to and interacting with practitioners from different parts of the industry
  • getting the opportunity to network with other students

As an added bonus, if you are a current self-study student and choose to upgrade to a workshop you will also be granted an extension on your assessment deadlines* free of charge.

Workshop schedule

Workshops are run regularly throughout the year. Find a workshop in your region now.

Meet our Facilitators

The role of the facilitator is to bring industry experience to the teaching/learning process by using market-based practical examples and experiences that illustrate critical aspects covered in the subject notes.

Click on a link below to find out more about our leading industry facilitators:

Damien Bridge

Judy Chipperfield Colin Lovesey

Leanne Broadbent

Sonia Currey Peter Martinovich
Peter Broadbent

Nidal Danoun

Warrick J Pleash
Philip Campbell D'Arcy Evans Barbara Sinteur
Cathy Cavanagh Jamie Kelly

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* 1st sit exam = can be sat on the last day of the workshop or workshop date + 1 month. Exam resit = workshop date + 2 months. Assignment = workshop date + 1 month. Assignment Resubmission = workshop date + 2 months. The above extensions are only to be applied if they are greater than the existing assessment deadlines.