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Master of Applied Finance

Leading online degree designed for ambitious and savvy individuals who are looking for advanced academic rigour, but thrive on practical and real-world learning immediately applicable in the workplace, and directly relevant to future career roles. It caters to experienced finance professionals and those transitioning into the field, integrating learning outcomes with pathways for further accreditation such as a CFA®.

Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance

Set the direction of a financial career with the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance. Individuals can choose to specialise in a particular area of professional practice, or follow a generalist pathway and study the subjects of interest.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

This course provides you with essential foundation knowledge and skills to launch your career in finance. You'll gain practical knowledge and expertise you can immediately apply.

Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance isn’t just for bankers and accountants any more. With global opportunities and skills shortages, knowledge of how and why the finance industry works is more important than ever before in developing your career.

Specialist Programs


Business Valuation Specialisation

The Business Valuation Specialisation is offered to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand members. On successful completion of specified subjects and assessments, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand members will be eligible to apply for recognition as a Business Valuation Specialist through the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

NZX Adviser Course

The NZX Adviser Course meets the minimum education requirement for individuals to be recognised by the NZX.

How it works

Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance
Total 4 subjects

2 core subjects
2 elective subjects
Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance
Total 8 subjects

2 core subjects
6 elective subjects
Master of Applied Finance
Total 12 subjects

4 core subjects
8 elective subjects

Hear from our students and alumni

Every year hundreds of individuals graduate from Kaplan Professional and embark on their career journeys or continue to thrive in their existing careers. We’re proud of our student and alumni communities and everything they’ve achieved.

When considering where to study, often the most useful information comes from those who know what it’s like to undertake the qualification. Hear first-hand from our students and graduates and discover why they chose to study online with Kaplan Professional.

I feel very confident of my abilities, particularly in academic research, risk management, banking and regulation within the Australian framework. I am very eager to apply my newly-acquired knowledge in the workplace.

Rudy Soobaroyen

Master of Applied Finance

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