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CFA® Exam study tips: which techniques really work?

This blog post has been updated and was originally authored by Dr. Doug Van Eaton, CFA
CFA® exam study tips are easy to come by, so which tips and techniques really work?

Our job at Kaplan Professional and Kaplan Schweser is to help candidates prepare for and pass the CFA exam. Kaplan Schweser has been navigating the challenge of the CFA Program exam since 1990, and we understand what it takes to pass. Our study program has evolved over the years to create an engaging and motivating experience for CFA candidates, guiding them to exam success. Here we explain the challenges candidates may face in mastering the study material for the CFA charter, discuss the latest research on learning methods, and how to efficiently learn and retain new information. You may be surprised at which techniques […read more]

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How to prepare for an online proctored exam

Upskilling and advancing your knowledge has become more accessible and manageable through online courses, empowering you to plan study around your career. With online courses being one of the most convenient ways to study, online proctored exams have also become a popular option among education providers and students.

Firstly, what’s an online proctored exam and how does it work?
An online proctored exam is a supervised exam completed remotely from any location convenient for you, whether that be the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a computer or laptop, so you don’t have to worry about attending a public exam centre. Online exams have the same rules and regulations as normal exams, so you’ll be monitored on video throughout the assessment by a remote supervisor.
Several benefits of online proctored exams include:

You […read more]

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Why now is a great time to complete an online course

The ‘new normal’ means many of us are spending more time at home. For some of us, the extra time on our hands has been an opportunity to slow down and do the things we don’t often get the chance to do. For others, it’s been a time to focus on self-improvement and to keep as busy as possible.
If upskilling, changing your career path or furthering your education has been on your agenda for a while, you may want to consider the benefits of online study. Here are our top reasons to get started now.

Make the most of your extra time
One benefit of these uncertain times is the chance it might’ve given you to reflect on your future. You may also have extra room in your schedule to commit to completing an online course. […read more]

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Healthy habits when working from home

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, we’re now able to connect from almost anywhere. This has had an enormous influence on how we communicate and operate, both personally and professionally. Improved technology means we now have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Working from home has now become the norm for many of us, so it’s essential to make your health and wellbeing a priority, particularly if you’re still trying to come to terms with your new situation.
Here are ten healthy habits you can implement while working from home.


Maintain a routine

It’s important to maintain a routine when working from home, especially if it’s for an extended time. It’s beneficial to keep consistency to your day, such as waking up at your usual time, having breakfast, taking your scheduled lunch break, and finishing on time. […read more]

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Why you should consider a career in mortgage broking

For some of us, choosing a career isn’t an easy decision. Whether you’re just starting out or making a change, mortgage broking is a career with opportunity and may be the right move for you. Firstly, what do mortgage brokers do?
Mortgage brokers are finance professionals that work in the middle between their clients and lenders to source the best loans suitable to their client’s financial situation. Mortgage brokers require great customer service, numerical, communication and organisation skills to balance multiple clients and lenders.
Now you know the basics of what a mortgage broker does, here’s why should you consider a career in mortgage broking.

Career progression:
Starting a career in mortgage broking won’t cost you thousands in tuition fees and you can generally establish a career within a couple of years. To become a mortgage broker in […read more]

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How to balance your career, life and study

For most people, studying and education doesn’t stop at the end of school or university. Expanding knowledge throughout different stages of life is vital to upskilling in a career and professional and personal development. Whether you’re a new student or furthering your credentials, balancing study with your life and career can sometimes be overwhelming. While it’s natural you’ll feel the pressure juggling these important aspects of your life, the good news is there are small steps you can implement to help you manage.
Here are our best tips on how you can balance your career and study.

Plan in advance
Planning in advance is imperative to avoiding unwanted surprises when balancing study, life and career. It’s important to know your deadlines, appointments and social commitments in advance to plan your time efficiently. An up-to-date calendar highlighting important […read more]

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Why insurance is a career for life

Being an industry of diversity and opportunity, it’s clear why insurance is an appealing career. Insurance is essential to everyone throughout life, making it a demanding industry with a variety of career opportunities worldwide. From working in life insurance, as an insurance broker or underwriter, there are numerous career paths to pursue.
Eager to know more about this rewarding industry? Here are our top reasons why insurance is a career for life.

The insurance industry has a variety of job opportunities and qualifications to start or advance your career. This provides you the potential to pursue an extensive range of career paths throughout your work life. There are opportunities to work in general insurance, life insurance, insurance broking, underwriting, claims, plus more. Within these categories, there are a variety of roles to suit different people and […read more]

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Kickstart your study goals in 2020

It’s the start of a new year. The holidays are over, you’re feeling confident about your New Year’s resolutions, and your motivation is at an all-time high. Although you’re feeling optimistic by a fresh start, sometimes getting back into studying after a break can be challenging.
To help inspire you for the year ahead, these are our top tips to kickstart your study goals in 2020.

Set your goals
Goal setting plays an important role in long-term success and the New Year is an ideal time to set your goals. No matter how big or small they may be, it’s important to set goals to achieve daily, monthly, and even for several years, to stay focused on what you want to accomplish throughout life.
No doubt you’ve heard this before, but one of the most valuable methods of […read more]

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Preparing yourself for a new year

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get a head start on planning and preparing yourself for 2020. Whether your goal is to start studying again, take up a new hobby or to be healthier, being mentally prepared and having clear goals can help you along on your journey for next year and beyond.
We’ve outlined some of the best ways you can prepare for the year ahead.

Review and reflect
Reflect on the year that has passed. Perhaps think about:

What was successful and what wasn’t successful?
Did you meet some, if not all the goals you set for yourself?
What could’ve you done better and what can you change for the new year?

Giving yourself time to reflect can provide insight to what works for you and what you need to improve on, […read more]

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Five steps to take after completing your qualification

There’s nothing more exciting than the sense of accomplishment after completing a course. It’s the chance to take what you have learned and apply it to the real world. However, many individuals are often left wondering what to do next. Here are five steps to take after attaining your qualification…

1. Discover your pathway
Have you got a strategy? No hope, aim or goal is achievable without a plan. Make sure you’re prepared for your next endeavour. Identify where you want to be in a few years’ time and how you’re going to get there. After finishing an entry-level qualification, you may need work experience – look to secure your role by keeping your résumé up to date and actively looking for opportunities. If you’ve completed a further qualification, you could turn to mentors or senior team members for guidance […read more]

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