Corporate Solutions

Customised solutions to meet your needs.

Kaplan Professional provides customised business solutions, from short courses through to accredited Certificate IV Qualifications to Masters Degrees. Kaplan’s scale and experience across the financial services sector means that corporate clients will benefit from the robust educational infrastructure of people, technology, intellectual property, systems and processes.

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Kaplan supports individuals in their career journeys with opportunities to build on prior studies and work experience to attain higher level qualifications to meet role related needs. Kaplan is able to draw on global capability, resources and experience to provide innovative solutions and unique learning experiences. With Kaplan as your education and training provider, you’ll have access to an extensive pool of technical content both at a vocational and higher education level that can be tailored and delivered based on your organisation’s requirements.

  • Financial planning and compliance
  • General and life insurance
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Corporate finance/advisory
  • Financial markets and instruments
  • Funds management
  • Risk management
  • Financial statements and reports
  • Banking
  • Stockbroking
  • Mortgage broking and lending
  • Financial services law, regulation and ethics
  • Assessing your education and training so the right solution is delivered
  • Understanding the roles and functions of staff and their career development needs
  • Tailoring the training to your company’s specific requirements
  • Preparing training support materials
  • Offering flexible training options
  • Assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of the training
  • RG 146 compliance training
  • Vocational and postgraduate pathways
  • Technical content tailored to refresh or up-skill your staff
  • Management and leadership qualifications
  • Continuing Professional Development programs
  • Industry and market updates

Corporate Short Courses

  • Corporate Short Courses
    • Kaplan Professional provides customised training solutions to businesses that are designed to match your training and professional development needs. We offer a series of short online and face-to-face workshops.

Customised Training

Kaplan Professional works collaboratively with some of the industry’s most prestigious corporate organisations to build customised training solutions driven by their learning objectives. Our vast experience and knowledge allows us to be flexible in our approach and delivery, providing our clients with a variety of comprehensive learning solutions, to specifically address their learning needs.

Our Business Development Managers will work with you to design and deliver appropriate training solutions to best suit your requirements, producing efficient, cost-effective outcomes. Kaplan focuses on building and maintaining solid relationships that provide a constant level of service and support to each and every organisation.

The training can be delivered at your premises or at an off-site training facility, ensuring consistent training throughout your organisation and across multiple franchises and locations.

We can also help you track progress via reflective reporting and assessments.

In-house Training

In-house training is delivered through practical, face-to-face workshops facilitated by leading industry practitioners and can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

In-house training offers an advantage in that it fosters team learning within a confidential environment where proprietary issues can be discussed enabling immediate and practical application of the training.

Kaplan Professional can deliver our existing courses to your organisation or customise a program specifically to your needs.

Off-site Training

Where available, Kaplan Professional may provide training rooms located in each capital city for a refreshing change and a way to inspire new learning.

Apply training with relevance and consistency

Contact our qualified trainers about our customised training solutions on 1300 728 505 or via email.