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Accessibility support services

Accessibility support services

For more information, please refer to Kaplan Professional’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy.

If you have a disability or ongoing health condition, which may impact on your ability to study or complete assessments, we can provide additional support to ensure you have an equal opportunity to complete your studies. Please make us aware of your circumstances at the time of your enrolment, or as soon as possible thereafter. This ensures we can work with you to provide practical, individualised support that will assist you to succeed with your studies.

Reasonable adjustment

Reasonable adjustment can be made to your learning environment if you have a disability or ongoing health condition that will impact on your academic studies.

An application for reasonable adjustment provisions can be made at any time while you’re enrolled as a student at Kaplan Professional, including during your initial application. Reasonable adjustment provisions may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The use of adaptive/assistive technology or equipment for use by individuals with a disability, injury, illness or ongoing health condition to undertake study/assessment in a fair and equitable manner. For example, Kaplan Professional may arrange special seating or computer access during a formal examination.
  • Alternative methods of assessment. For example, verbal assessment in place of written assessments.
  • Individualised examination conditions. This may include seating arrangements, providing an additional 10 minutes per hour in your exams, toilet/rest/exercise breaks during exams, and allowing drinks or bite-sized food during exams.
  • Providing accessible learning formats. For example, large print reading materials or coloured exam papers.
  • Provision of a scribe.

To submit an application for reasonable adjustment, please complete the Reasonable Adjustment Form. Remember to include relevant supporting documentation with your application form.

Special consideration

You may apply for special consideration if your ability to complete an assignment or sit an exam will be adversely impacted by events such as serious illness, bereavement, personal trauma or increased workloads at your place of work. You may also apply for special consideration if you feel your performance in an assessment item has been affected by the event.

Applications for special consideration must be made using the Special Consideration Form as soon as possible before the due date of the assessment (or within 48 hours after the event).

Special consideration options may include:

  • Deferring your assessment to the next study period the subject is offered
  • Sitting the exam on another scheduled date
  • Having extra time to complete your assignment, or complete a different assignment if available

To submit an application for special consideration, please complete the Special Consideration Form.  Remember to include relevant supporting documentation with your application form.

Access, Participation and Success Plan 2019 - 2022

Kaplan Professional is committed to enhancing students’ access, participation and success through our approach to learning, teaching and student experience.

As most of our students are working professionals and pursuing education aligning to their employment, our student cohort significantly influences our Access, Participation and Success Plan from both an academic and non-academic focus.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure strategies to attract and support a diverse student population are implemented and underpin Kaplan Professional’s intent of providing personalised learning, and student-driven teaching experiences.

To view our Access, Participation and Success Plan for 2019-2022, please click here.