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Master of Financial Planning

Our online, FAS-approved Master of Financial Planning is a purpose-built higher education qualification set at AQF level 9. It’s designed and developed in consultation with industry experts, and combines advanced technical rigour with practical and relevant performance-focused learning outcomes.

Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

An eight-subject postgraduate qualification set at AQF Level 8 and FAS approved. Includes the first eight subjects of the FAS-approved Master of Financial Planning.

Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning

The online Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning, consisting of four subjects at AQF level 8, is created with input from top financial experts. This ensures that what you learn is practical, relevant, and can be applied right away in your professional work. This course is the ideal starting point if you want to complete the first four subjects of the Master of Financial Planning pathway.

Specialist programs


FPC001B - Economic and Legal Context for Financial Planning

This subject focuses on key economic and commercial law concepts, including economic issues of current relevance. It aligns to FAS bridging course: Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal Obligations.

FPC002B - Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice

This subject focuses on the ethical and professional obligations of financial advisers through the broad lens of ethical and professional theoretical frameworks. It aligns to FAS bridging course: Ethics for Professional Advisers.

FPC007B - Client Engagement Skills

This subject focuses on behavioural finance concepts to understand different types of behavioural biases that may impact an individual’s financial decision-making. It aligns to FAS bridging course: Client and Consumer Behaviour, Engagement and Decision Making.

Course Layout

Advisers have up to five (5) years to complete the FAS-approved Master of Financial Planning pathway.


4 core subjects
8 core subjects

4 core subjects
8 core subjects
10 core subjects
7 elective subjects

Financial Adviser Exam Preparation Support

We’re delighted to offer a range of exam preparation resources to help you prepare and practice prior to sitting the Financial Adviser Examination. Gain access to an online preparation room as well as a practice exam, designed to simulate the structure, duration and exam conditions of the Financial Adviser Examination.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Kaplan Professional is the leading provider in the provision of industry CPD. Our flagship online platform Ontrack provides organisations and individuals with the content, tracking, reporting and consultancy they need to manage and meet their CPD obligations.

Hear from our students and alumni

Hear first-hand from our students and graduates and discover why they chose to study online with Kaplan Professional.

I currently recommend Kaplan Professional to my firm and I’m already working on solutions to help our existing advisers upskill to meet their 2026 requirements.

Ben Travers

Master of Financial Planning

Since I started in the industry, we’ve been constantly reminded of what’s required to stay relevant. I’m always eager to undertake as much learning and professional development as I can because knowledge, techniques and strategies are constantly evolving – what was once relevant 10 years ago is likely to expire over time.

Katrina Robbins

Master of Financial Planning

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ACL Responsible Manager Forum

The Responsible Manager Forum is designed for existing, new and prospective Responsible Manager audiences, Credit Managers, and other senior managers and directors operating within the Australian Credit Licence environment.

FNSSS00018 Life Insurance Fundamentals Skill Set

Kaplan Professional’s online FNSSS00018 Life Insurance Fundamentals Skill Set satisfies the Professional Standards Framework ‘foundation requirement’. It covers the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in the life insurance context in line with professional and ethical practices. It includes legislation and regulations, ethics, sustainability and life insurance products and services.

Graduate Certificate in Financial Services

This four-subject qualification is designed to begin expanding your knowledge and skills beyond your technical foundations, focusing on the complexities and breadth of the contemporary financial services sector, in order to encourage you to start driving change and innovation in your role. It provides a uniquely flexible learning experience, allowing you to structure your learning to suit your individual needs and career path, both immediately and into the future. This also means it uniquely suits corporate cohorts and individuals, because it can be tailored to address specific business priorities. Provides a pathway to the Graduate Diploma of Financial Services and Master of Financial Services.

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