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Post-nominals are abbreviated letters placed after a person’s name to indicate a completed qualification. For example, as a graduate of the Master of Applied Finance degree, the student may place the letters MAppFin next to their name.

Upon completion of your qualification at Kaplan and following conferral of your award (your testamur and final academic transcript have been presented at the annual Graduation ceremony or you have received them in the mail), you can refer to the list of qualifications below to identify which post-nominal to use.

When writing your postnominal, full stops should not be used.

However, commas are optional. Furthermore, qualifications should be listed from lowest to highest. As an example of written post-nominals:

John Smith, BEcon, MAppFin


John Smith, BEcon MAppFin

Master of Applied FinanceMAppFin
Graduate Diploma of Applied FinanceGradDipAppFin
Graduate Certificate in Applied FinanceGradCertAppFin
Master of Financial PlanningMFinPlan
Graduate Diploma of Financial PlanningGradDipFinPlan
Graduate Certificate in Financial PlanningGradCertFinPlan
Graduate Certificate in Mining FinanceGradCertMinFin
Graduate Certificate in Corporate FinanceGradCertCrpFin
Graduate Certificate in Self Managed Superannuation FundsGradCertSMSF