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Vocational education fees

Vocational education fees

Subject re-enrolment* $315
No further corporate discount will be applied.
Tier 1 re-enrolment* Half the original price
Tier 1 re-enrolment, refer to the original price here.
Formal subject extension (4 weeks)$105
Formal subject extension (8 weeks)$210
Request for enrolment verification$55
Subject activation deferral$55
Statement of Attainment (Digital)
Statement of Attainment (Hardcopy)
Certificate of Completion (Digital)
Qualification/Academic Record (Digital)
Qualification/Academic Record (Hardcopy)
$55 (for up to three documents)

*The discounted subject re-enrolment fee is only valid for 12 months from the original subject’s activation date. If a subsequent re-enrolment is required, the full subject fee will apply.

Refunds and transfers

For information on refunds and transfers, please refer to the refund policy located on the policies page.