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Under the Changes to Enrolment policy, students enrolled in a higher education award course with Kaplan Professional must enrol in a minimum of two study periods per academic year (Study Period 1 to Study Period 6). As there are six intakes per academic year, we recommend you structure your studies to align with one of the below enrolment patterns:

  • Enrol in Study Period 1, Study Period 3 and Study Period 5
  • Enrol in Study Period 2, Study Period 4 and Study Period 6

If you are unable to enrol in a study period, you must enrol in the next available intake. Students have a maximum of two deferrals that reset at the beginning of each academic year. You do not need to defer in overlapping study periods.

Should you need to take an extended period away from your studies (6 to 12 months) due to personal circumstances, you will be able to apply for an approved leave of absence. This will not count towards your deferral limit.

How to defer for a specific study period

To defer your enrolment for a specific study period, you must complete and submit a Deferral of Studies Form.

Provided you have not already deferred your studies twice in the academic year, you will receive notification your enrolment in the study period has been deferred within seven business days.

If you have not enrolled in a subject by the census date for an eligible study period, either the current study period or the next study period, and you have not submitted Deferral of Studies Form, your enrolment in the study period will be automatically deferred by Kaplan Professional. This automatic deferral will count towards your allowable two study period deferrals for the academic year.

How to defer my studies for an extended period (6-12 months)

Students wishing to defer or temporarily suspend their enrolment for an extended period of time may only do so when there are compelling or compassionate circumstances. This process is referred to as an approved leave of absence.

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Serious illness or death of a family member necessitating a return to the student’s home country
  • Compelling personal reasons
  • Natural disaster.

In most cases a maximum of 12 months leave of absence may be awarded. An extension beyond this timeframe is only granted in exceptional circumstances. Students must submit a Special Consideration Form to Kaplan Professional together with documentary evidence verifying their situation (for example, a medical certificate) and pay any relevant fees. Kaplan Professional will assess the application and make a decision within seven business days. Only one approved leave of absence is generally permitted per course enrolment.


Further information can be found in the Changes to Enrolment Policy. If you have any questions, please contact our Student Advice team on 1300 135 798 (option 1) or