Vocational education fees

Exam first sit $0
Exam resit$0
Exam reschedule$0
Assignment resubmission $0
Assessment re-mark $150
Formal subject extension (4 weeks) $100
Formal subject extension (8 weeks) $200
Subject re-enrolment $300
The discounted subject re-enrolment fee is only valid for 12 months from the original subject’s activation date. If a subsequent re-enrolment is required, the full subject fee will apply.
Recognition of Prior Learning (per subject) $295
Recognition of Current Competency (per Subject)$295
Mutual recognition (per subject) $50
Activation deferral (per subject)$50
Refund administration fee $100
Replacement subject manual$100
Region Printed Notes
New Zealand AUD $65
Hong Kong, Singapore AUD $85
United KingdomAUD $90
Philippines, SE Asia (Other)AUD $95
Pacific Islands (Inc. Fiji, Vanuatu), Papua New Guinea AUD $105
Europe (other), Japan, North America AUD $105
Africa, China, India, Middle East, South AmericaAUD $120


Refunds & Transfers

For information on refunds and transfers, refer to the refund policy located on the policies page.