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Our postgraduate students benefit from six annual study periods. With complete flexibility in study period choice, you will be better equipped to balance your work and personal commitments with your study.


Assessment dates for each subject varies. Refer to the subject outline and the assessment information.

Download a PDF of the 2017 timetable.

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Study Period 3 principal dates 
KapLearn opens24 April 2017
Study period commences8 May 2017
Enrolments open27 February 2017
Enrolments close24 May 2017
Census24 May 2017
Study period ends28 July 2017
Study Period 4 principal dates 
KapLearn opens26 June 2017
Study period commences10 July 2017
Enrolments open1 May 2017
Enrolments close26 July 2017
Census26 July 2017
Study period ends29 September 2017
Study Period 5 principal dates 
KapLearn opens21 August 2017
Study period commences4 September 2017
Enrolments open26 June 2017
Enrolments close20 September 2017
Census20 September 2017
Study period ends24 November 2017
Study Period 6 principal dates 
KapLearn opens30 October 2017
Study period commences13 November 2017
Enrolments open4 September 2017
Enrolments close29 November 2017
Census29 November 2017
Study period ends2 February 2018
Study Period 1 principal dates 
KapLearn opens19 December 2016
Study period commences9 January 2017
Enrolments open31 October 2016
Enrolments close25 January 2017
Census25 January 2017
Study period ends31 March 2017
Study Period 2 principal dates 
KapLearn opens27 February 2017
Study period commences13 March 2017
Enrolments open2 January 2017
Enrolments close29 March 2017
Census29 March 2017
Study period ends2 June 2017