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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

Kaplan Professional recognises you may eligible for Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) as a result of your prior studies and/or industry experience. When you apply for RPL, we’ll assess your prior studies and/or experience, and you may be awarded Advanced Standing (also known as ‘credit’) for a portion of the course which you’re currently studying. RPL may result in a reduction of the amount of study required to complete your qualification.

We recognise various types of prior study that may result in advanced standing being granted towards your Kaplan Professional qualification.

RPL based on an industry designation
Submit an application via this option if you’ve completed an industry-recognised designation listed on the Credit Precedent list published on our published on our website.

The Credit Precedent list is provided as a guide only, and should be viewed in conjunction with chosen courses and applicable course requirements.
No charge
RPL based on prior postgraduate study
Submit an application via this option if you’ve completed postgraduate studies at an approved institute of higher education and are seeking Advanced Standing for subjects based on your prior study.

Evidence supporting your application must demonstrate a minimum of 80% coverage of the equivalent Kaplan Professional subject content for each subject that Advanced Standard is being applied for. Kaplan Professional will assess the evidence provided in your application to determine if your prior studies meet the coverage requirement.

Fee information:
1. If your RPL application is unsuccessful, no additional fees will apply
2. If your RPL application is successful, the application fee will be credited towards the balance of your overall RPL fee

*A single non-refundable $250 application fee will be charged upfront.
$250 per subject*

What evidence do I require?

The evidence that you’re required to submit to support your application include (where relevant):

  • Copies of subject outlines (information must include: learning outcomes, weekly structure, topic list, assessment details, contact hours/student workload)
  • Certified copy of qualification and academic transcript. Refer to the Provision Entry Requirement Documents for guidance as to who can certify your documents
  • Recent CV/resume

Please note your application won’t be assessed if the required evidence hasn’t been included.

How to submit your application

Individuals must complete the applicable RPL application form, and once complete, submit the completed form, signed declaration and all supporting evidence to Applications are accepted at any time.

How long will the assessment of application take?

Kaplan Professional will respond to your application within 15 working days. If insufficient supporting evidence is provided, your application may be delayed or declined.

How will my application be assessed?

Kaplan Professional will undertake an academic review of your application based on your supporting evidence. Kaplan Professional may contact you if further details are required to review your application, which may result in a delay in the assessment of your application.

If your application is approved, Advanced Standing may be granted for the relevant subjects. If your application for RPL is declined, you’ll need to enrol into, and complete, the relevant subjects in order to complete your qualification.

Can I appeal the outcome of any decision related to my application?

You may appeal the outcome of Kaplan Professional decision in accordance with the Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Handling Policy located on our website.