Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam (KAPE)

Free enrolment into all three versions of KAPE now available*


As a gesture of support to the industry and financial advisers, Kaplan Professional is now offering a free enrolment into all three versions of the Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam (KAPE) until 30 June 2021*.

As the industry’s largest educator, Kaplan Professional is committed to providing as much support as possible to help advisers before the 1 January 2022 deadline.

With almost half of the advice industry yet to pass the FASEA exam and limited sittings remaining, it’s now more important than ever for you to focus on your preparation as a matter of priority before you run out of time.

Online preparation room

Once you enrol into KAPE, you’ll gain access to online preparation resources. You’ll be provided with login details where you can access preparation material, including:

  • Information about the exam
  • Reference materials relating to each of the three knowledge areas
  • Sample exam questions

Online practice exam

Designed to simulate the structure, duration and exam conditions of FASEA’s Financial Adviser Examination**, this online proctored practice exam covers content from FASEA’s three knowledge areas:

  • Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal Obligations
  • Applied Ethical and Professional Reasoning and Communication
  • Financial Advice Construction


We recommend giving yourself a total of 3.5 hours (including 15 minutes’ reading time) to complete 64 multiple-choice questions and 6 case studies with a number of short-answer questions associated with them.

All versions of KAPE are now available and free of charge. On enrolment, you’ll gain access to online preparation resources and three versions of the practice exam.

On enrolment, you’ll gain access to three versions of KAPE with a different set of questions in each based on FASEA’s three knowledge areas. To offer more flexibility, you’ll be able to complete each version unsupervised without online proctoring, with one attempt for each version of the exam available. 

KAPE is now delivered remotely. This means you can now sit KAPE in the comfort of your own home or office.

You have 12 weeks from enrolment to sit your practice exams. You will have one attempt of each version of the exam available to you. 

You’ll be provided with your individual results approximately one week^ after you sit a version of the practice exam. Your results will be made available within KapLearn^^. This will allow you to pinpoint possible areas of improvement prior to sitting FASEA’s Financial Adviser Examination.

Please note, you won’t be eligible for CPD points by completing KAPE.

^During periods of significant volume, this timeframe may be extended.
^^KapLearn is Kaplan Professional’s online learning management system.

The benefits of completing KAPE include:

  • Understand what it’s like to sit a lengthy exam 
  • Identify possible knowledge gaps
  • Help reduce any apprehension about sitting a formal exam
  • Reinforce existing knowledge
  • Practise effective strategies for taking an exam remotely

There are three versions of KAPE available with a different set of questions based on FASEA’s three knowledge areas

The results for each of the three knowledge areas is a combined grade for the multiple-choice and short-answer questions. Assessor feedback is provided for each attempted short-answer question in each of the knowledge areas. No additional feedback is provided for multiple-choice questions to preserve the integrity of the practice exam.

The pass mark for the practice exam is 65%. It’s possible to pass the overall practice exam without passing each knowledge area.

” I participated in and passed the Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam late last year, together with completing the Ethics and Professionalism bridging course, in preparation  for the FASEA national exam. I sat in December 2019 and I’m happy to say I passed! I can proudly advise these two academic requirements put me in a confident state of mind to pass the FASEA national exam. Thank you to Kaplan Professional for all your help.”

John Core | Sunsure Financial Planning

Further exam preparation for Ontrack subscribers


Ontrack subscribers have complementary access to exam preparation material with an entire library of practice exam questions. These are designed to add another dimension to your exam preparation.

Two questions banks are available:

  • Q-Bank: Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal Obligations
  • Q-Bank: Applied Ethical and Professional Reasoning and Communication


A third question bank (Q-Bank: Financial Advice Construction) will be released in Ontrack soon.

Similar to KAPE, questions are written by Kaplan Professional’s subject matter experts and are designed to be robust and challenging.

You can attempt the practice questions as many times as you like to grow your confidence and practise effective exam-taking strategies.

If you’re a licensee interested in having your advisers sit this practice exam remotely, please contact us on 1300 728 505 or corporatesoultions@kaplan.edu.au. Alternatively, speak to your Corporate Relationship Manager.



* This offer is only valid from 18 January 2021 to 30 June 2021. This offer does not apply to KAPE face-to-face workshops or any other exam preparation product.

**Kaplan Professional has developed the Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam (KAPE) to simulate the structure, duration and exam conditions which may be encountered in FASEA’s National Adviser Exam. The KAPE questions, content and resource materials have been prepared to help support your preparation. These are aligned to the Financial Adviser Examination guidelines released by FASEA. However, they may vary somewhat from the examinable areas, questions, materials and assessment of your performance in FASEA’s National Adviser Examination. Kaplan Professional does not guarantee an individual will pass FASEA’s Financial Adviser Examination as a result of completing or attempting KAPE and using our exam preparation resources.

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