FEE-HELP (Higher Education)

Quality education and training can help to advance your career, but costs can sometimes be a barrier. Kaplan Professional believes education should be as accessible and affordable as possible to empower you to reach your professional and personal goals.

To make studying with Kaplan Professional more accessible, higher education courses delivered by Kaplan Professional are approved for FEE-HELP by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment. FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan available to help you paying part or all of your tuition fees.

You’re required to repay your FEE-HELP loan through the taxation system once your income exceeds the government’s compulsory repayment threshold. The current repayment threshold may be found on the government’s StudyAssist website. Please be advised that a FEE-HELP loan may impact on your credit rating.

In order to receive FEE-HELP, you must meet the eligibility requirements as detailed below:

  • Be an Australian citizen and study at least part of your course in Australia
  • Be a New Zealand Special Category visa (SCV) holder or permanent humanitarian visa holder and meet the residency requirements
  • Be enrolled in a fee-paying place at a provider that offers FEE-HELP loans
  • Be enrolled in an eligible course at your provider by the census date (your provider can tell you if your course is eligible)
  • Submit the Request for FEE-HELP form to your provider by the census date
  • Not have already borrowed up to your combined HELP limit

Permanent residents can only get FEE-HELP for approved bridging studies.

If you’re studying at a private education provider such as Kaplan Professional, you’ll also need to meet the ‘pass rate’ requirements.

To apply for FEE-HELP, you’ll need to read the FEE-HELP information booklet provided by the Australian government.

In addition to FEE-HELP, you may also be eligible for other government incentives, such as Austudy / ABSTUDY. For further information, please contact Centrelink.

If you’re eligible for FEE-HELP assistance and would like to obtain a FEE-HELP loan, you’ll need to complete a Request for FEE-HELP assistance form. This form should be completed at enrolment once it’s sent to you or by the due by date if you’re changing your payment option. Request for FEE-HELP assistance forms can’t be accepted after the census date for a unit of study.

There are no loan fees applicable to any postgraduate courses delivered by Kaplan Professional.

You can borrow up to the combined HELP limit to pay your tuition fees. This includes all FEE-HELP, VET FEE-HELP and Vet Student Loans, and any HECS-HELP loans incurred from 1 January 2020. For 2020, the HELP loan limit is $106,319.

The census date is the last date you can withdraw or cancel your enrolment without incurring a financial and/or academic penalty, as well as the last day to submit a Requested for Fee-HELP assistance form.

You can view the census dates on our higher education study dates page on our website.

If you began your current enrolment into a higher education course with Kaplan Professional on or after 1 January 2018 and applied for FEE-HELP, the 50% pass rate will apply.

This means once you’ve undertaken eight or more subjects in a bachelor level or above course, you must have passed at least 50% of your total attempted subjects to remain eligible for FEE-HELP. For example, if you’re enrolled in a graduate diploma course and in you undertake four subjects and fail three, you’ll not be eligible to access FEE-HELP in the next study period. You would have needed to pass at least two subjects to continue to receive FEE-HELP.

What you need to ensure is you pass at least 50% of your total attempted subjects across your course of study. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the tuition fees upfront until you improve your pass rate.

For further information regarding FEE-HELP support, contact one of our Student Advisers on 1300 135 798 or studentadvice@kaplan.edu.au. Alternatively, visit studyassist.gov.au.