FEE-HELP (Higher Education)

Quality education and training can help to advance your career, but costs can sometimes be a barrier. At Kaplan, we believe that education should be as accessible and affordable as possible – in order for you to reach your career goals.

That’s why our postgraduate (higher education) courses offer FEE-HELP, which is a government loan available to Australian citizens. With FEE-HELP, you don’t have to pay any course fees up front – you only repay the loan when your income reaches a certain level. This means that you can start studying now and pay later.

In addition to FEE-HELP, you may also be eligible for other government incentives, such as Austudy / Abstudy, tax deductions and private financing, all of which can make study far more affordable.

Further Information:


Q) Do I need to complete a Request for FEE-HELP assistance form?

A) If you are eligible for FEE-HELP assistance and would like to obtain a FEE-HELP loan, you will need to complete a Request for FEE-HELP assistance form. This form should be completed at enrolment once it is sent to you or by the due by date if you are changing your payment option. Forms cannot be accepted after the census date for a unit of study.

By completing this form you are declaring that you:

  • Have read the FEE-HELP Information; and
  • Are aware of your obligations to the Australian government


For further information regarding FEE-HELP support, contact one of our Student Advisers on 1300 135 798 or visit studyassist.gov.au.