Financial Adviser Scholarship | Application Form

Helping financial advisers meet FASEA’s education standard with $100 towards every higher education financial planning subject studied for the remainder of 2021.


To help provide financial support to financial advisers working towards meeting FASEA’s education standard, Kaplan Professional is offering $100* scholarships for any financial adviser who enrols in a Kaplan Professional higher education financial planning subject between Study Period 4 2021 and Study Period 6 2021. Eligible individuals will be awarded a $100* scholarship per subject, off the subject enrolment fee when enrolling into the applicable study periods in 2021.


The Financial Adviser scholarship is available to both new and existing Kaplan Professional students. The scholarship is offered subject to the Terms and Conditions.


This is part of our continued efforts to support the industry and we hope it will go some way towards reducing the financial burden for licensees and advisers.


Scholarship applications close 19 July 2021, so be sure to apply at your earliest convenience. 

* The $100 scholarship for every subject enrolment applies off the retail tuition fee or a negotiated tuition fee for corporate groups.

How to apply


1. Ensure you have read and understood the scholarship Terms and Conditions

2. Complete all sections of the below application form to the best of your ability.


You’ll be contacted by a Course Adviser within three (3) business days to process your enrolment, if your scholarship application is successful. 

Applications will be assessed as they’re received, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that, at the time of your application, there are scholarships remaining.


Note: Applications can’t be submitted using the ‘Enrol Now’ button located on the individual course pages of our website.

Need help with your application or subject selection? 

If you have any queries in relation to Kaplan Professional’s Financial Adviser Scholarship or the application process, please feel free to contact us on 1300 135 798 or

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