Press Release | 13 June 2019

Kaplan Professional receives FASEA approval for Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

13 June 2019

Leading education provider Kaplan Professional has today announced they have received approval from the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) for the Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and bridging courses as stand-alone subjects.

Kaplan Professional’s Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning commenced in January 2014 and individuals currently enrolled in this qualification can continue their studies in the updated course structure. To meet FASEA requirements, individuals will need to complete Kaplan Professional’s FPC002B Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice, which is a FASEA-approved course in Ethics for Professional Advisers.

Enrolments into the updated Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning will open on 24 June 2019 for Study Period 5, which commences on 2 September 2019. A stand-alone offering of FPC002B Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice is available for immediate enrolments in Study Period 4, which commences on 8 July 2019.

Kaplan Professional’s updated Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning encompasses the three bridging courses built in conjunction with Dr. Deen Sanders, Deloitte leader of ethics and professionalism:

  • FPC002B Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice (aligns to FASEA bridging course: Ethics for Professional Advisers)
  • FPC001B Economic and Legal Context for Financial Planning (aligns to FASEA bridging course: Financial Advice Regulatory & Legal Obligations)
  • FPC007B Client Engagement Skills (aligns to FASEA bridging course: Client and Consumer Behaviour, Engagement and Decision Making)

The education provider is confident this will set the benchmark in adviser education, offering a valuable and engaging experience that will help advisers gain practical and relevant outcomes to benefit their professional practice.

Kaplan Professional chief executive officer Brian Knight welcomed FASEA’s approval, stating it was a positive step forward for the industry as a whole.

“From our perspective, we have been proactively working with licensees for a significant amount of time, mapping out each of their advisers’ personalised education pathways based on previous education completed and professional designations achieved.

“This has enabled thousands of advisers to already commence their postgraduate studies with Kaplan Professional, building their momentum and confidence. For those advisers waiting for FASEA approval, this will provide them with the clarity and certainty they need to move forward,” he said.

Mr Knight added Kaplan Professional has adopted a position to commit significant resources towards elevating its student support and keeping its course fees to a minimum.

“We are cognisant advisers have extensive professional and personal commitments, so our qualifications are delivered 100 per cent online with six annual intakes and full subject availability.

“In addition, we have been running face-to-face workshops at no additional cost to cater all learning styles. We have also recently launched a suite of interactive modules designed to help advisers grow their confidence to study at the postgraduate level and develop effective study skills. These are particularly useful for advisers returning to study after a long time or those who haven’t studied online before,” he said.

Mr Knight was adamant Kaplan Professional was well positioned to support all advisers.

“Over the coming days, we will be proactively contacting all advisers who have already commenced their study with Kaplan Professional to ensure they are on the pathway best suited to their individual circumstances and understand what they need to do to meet FASEA’s requirements.

“We will do everything we can to support licensees and advisers, providing a high quality educational experience that will help advisers deepen their technical knowledge and enhance their skillset … for the betterment of not only themselves, but the Australian public they serve.

“Our dedicated team of knowledgeable course advisers and corporate relationship managers are committed to providing all advisers with the confidence, motivation and support they need throughout every step of their education journey,” he said.

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