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Jason Holt

Master of Financial Planning

'Imagine a world where you have the power to take your career to new heights, all while balancing the demands of your current role and personal commitments. '

Imagine a world where you have the power to take your career to new heights, all while balancing the demands of your current role and personal commitments. 

That’s exactly what Jason Holt, Senior Compliance Consultant with Assured Support, found with Kaplan Professional … and it’s been a game-changer.  


Jason chose to study with Kaplan Professional because he was looking for something specific to complement his existing qualifications. But more than that, he wanted recognition from industry peers. It wasn’t enough for Jason to just commit to a course; he needed it to be valued within the industry. Kaplan Professional stood out to him because of their industry-wide reputation and the involvement of experienced practitioners. This meant that he received real-world knowledge and practical skills that he could apply … not only in his current role but also in future career advancements. 


One of the biggest benefits of Jason studying the Master of Financial Planning with Kaplan Professional was the flexibility. As a busy professional with personal commitments, it was crucial for Jason to be able to fit his studies into his schedule. “Kaplan Professional’s online platform allowed me to access the content whenever it suited me, and the support from their team was exceptional,” he says. “They were always there to answer any questions or concerns he had, and the response time was incredible.” 


But it wasn’t just about the flexibility and support; Kaplan Professional also encouraged interaction between peers through student forums. This allowed Jason to gain different perspectives and input on his coursework, enhancing his understanding and learning experience. 


If Jason were to give advice to a new student considering studying with Kaplan Professional, it would be to make the most of the accessibility to industry experts. “Tap into their perspectives and insights to frame your own learnings,” he says. His key advice is to not be afraid to challenge yourself by exploring all the options within the course. You never know what new area of expertise you may discover, according to Jason. 


Studying with Kaplan Professional has made a tangible difference in his career. He now has an acknowledged qualification that has opened up doors to take on senior management roles. The principles learned have equipped him with pragmatic insights that helped him to navigate the ever-changing financial services industry.

“In conclusion, Kaplan Professional is the complete option for anyone looking to expand and enhance their knowledge in today’s competitive employment market,” Jason says. It’s been a transformational journey for me, and I’m excited to see where it takes others.”