China Ready® Specialist Program

Improve your knowledge and confidence when interacting with Chinese consumers.

CHINA READY® together with Kaplan Professional, have developed an authoritative and engaging online program that provides officially endorsed cultural awareness training, international certification and membership into
China Ready & Accredited®.

This interactive program provides the wisdom and life experience of acknowledged expert cultural and business leaders in China. Designed to promote the appreciation of contemporary Chinese culture, the program develops an understanding of the importance to Chinese people of Chinese concepts such as “Face”, “Family”, “Guanxi” and the “Investment Mindset”.

Those who complete the CHINA READY® specialist program will be awarded personal use of the globally recognised China Ready & Accredited® trademark.


  • This program is endorsed and supported by China’s government and industry.
  • Learn using an interactive, engaging and fun online program.
  • Self-paced learning, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Expand your knowledge of China.
  • Become more culturally aware when communicating with people of Chinese origin.
  • Expand your network.
  • Receive an individual quality service certification that is globally recognised.
  • Improve skills, professionalism and confidence in dealing with people of Chinese origin
  • Gain a globally certified qualification
  • Become a more valued employee
  • Learn specific knowledge of Chinese culture and history
  • Understand Chinese consumers’requirements and customer service expectations
  • Receive regular member insights about Chinese consumer trends
  • Receive invitations to member events.
  1. China Today
  2. Positioning China
  3. First Impressions
  4. A Diverse China
  5. Chinese Family
  6. Confucianism
  7. FACE
  8. The Guanxi Tradition
  9. Chinese Numbers and Colours
  10. Chinese Lifestyle
  11. Chinese Investment Mindset
  12. Chinese Banking: UnionPay

The China Ready Program has been assessed and is awarded with the following CPD points/hours;

Real Estate Agents 

State Broad Learning Area Learning Category Points attained
NSW Communication skills 3 12 points
ACT N/A 2 4 points


Mortgage Brokers

Kaplan’s China Ready Accredited Program is also recognised and accredited by The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).  You can use the details below when recording your CPD training.

Association Knowledge Area CPD Hours Event Code
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) Skills 3 Hours KP:CRSP/210511:FBAA
Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Skills 3 Hours  110115


Contact us via email at (with your Real Estate licence number if you are a Real Estate student) or alternatively contact the Student Services team on 1300 662 203 to have your CPD points issued.

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The program consists of 12 cultural core learning modules. Each online module includes learning material and “checkpoint” quiz questions.

Program delivery
Available online and can be completed anywhere, at any time.

6 hours.

Receive an official China Ready & Accredited® certificate of completion.

Each individual who enrolls into the program receives a 1-year membership.


$295 + GST

Contact us via email at or alternatively on 1300 728 505 or speak to your Business Development Manager.


Click here for the Terms and Conditions. 

Individuals are required to be aged 18 years or older to enrol in this course.