FPC004 Insurance Advice

This subject focuses comprehensively on the personal and business risk insurance market in Australia. It examines the design and structure of a range of personal, business and general insurance products.

The subject is designed to build advice capability in risk management strategies for retail clients and small businesses.

This subject covers basic practical and personal skills necessary to establish and maintain client relationships.

For more information, please refer to the subject outline.

  • Learning outcomes
    • At the completion of this subject students should be able to:

      1. Identify, analyse and evaluate personal and small business risks
      2. Describe and differentiate the features of the various types of personal and business insurance products, including related policy documentation and taxation issues
      3. Develop and implement personal and small business risk management strategies using a range of general and life insurance policies
      4. Undertake your duties giving consideration to ethics and the legal and regulatory responsibilities owed by you and your organisation to your clients and other stakeholders
      5. Evaluate contemporary issues in insurance advice
  • Subject content
    • Topic Title
      Topic 1 Introduction to risk management
      Topic 2 Insurance and risk
      Topic 3 Regulation of the insurance industry
      Topic 4 Life insurance
      Topic 5 Taxation
      Topic 6 Insurance advice
      Topic 7 General insurance
      Topic 8 Mandated and health insurance
      Topic 9 Policy documentation and claims
  • Assessment

      Study Period 2-6, 2017

      Assessment Type Assessed Weighting
      Assignment 1 Week 5 20%
      Assignment 2 Week 8 40%
      Examination Week 12 40%

      For a subject outline relevant to these study periods, please click here.

  • Prerequisites
  • Reading list
    • Prescribed Text

      • Teale, J, 2016, Insurance and Risk Management, 3rd  edn, Wiley, Sydney.

      Retailers of educational books include Co-op Bookshop and Boffins Bookshop. Texts can also be borrowed from the Kaplan library or other libraries. Details of required and further reading are provided in the subject room.  Purchase of any text other than a prescribed text is not required.