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Why now is a great time to complete an online course

The ‘new normal’ means many of us are spending more time at home. For some of us, the extra time on our hands has been an opportunity to slow down and do the things we don’t often get the chance to do. For others, it’s been a time to focus on self-improvement and to keep as busy as possible.
If upskilling, changing your career path or furthering your education has been on your agenda for a while, you may want to consider the benefits of online study. Here are our top reasons to get started now.

Make the most of your extra time
One benefit of these uncertain times is the chance it might’ve given you to reflect on your future. You may also have extra room in your schedule to commit to completing an online […read more]

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Five steps to take after completing your qualification

There’s nothing more exciting than the sense of accomplishment after completing a course. It’s the chance to take what you have learned and apply it to the real world. However, many individuals are often left wondering what to do next. Here are five steps to take after attaining your qualification…

1. Discover your pathway
Have you got a strategy? No hope, aim or goal is achievable without a plan. Make sure you’re prepared for your next endeavour. Identify where you want to be in a few years’ time and how you’re going to get there. After finishing an entry-level qualification, you may need work experience – look to secure your role by keeping your résumé up to date and actively looking for opportunities. If you’ve completed a further qualification, you could turn to mentors or senior team members for […read more]

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Four reasons you should consider further study

Proactive professionals excel in their fields because they find value in every opportunity. Taking steps to deepen your knowledge and gain new skills can lead to a fulfilling career and an enhanced overall wellbeing. One of the best ways to develop yourself is through building on your education. Here are our top four reasons why you should consider furthering your education with a postgraduate qualification this year.

1. It comes down to lifestyle 
Learning has the power to change the way you look at your role and your understanding of the field you work in, while making your daily processes and activities more enjoyable. Further education will enable you to gain new perspectives and expand your horizons but improve your quality of life too. In fact, a recent Harvard Business Review stated lifelong learning is good for […read more]

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Returning to study

FASEA’s new professional standards mean many experienced financial advisers will be looking to fit study back into their busy lifestyles. While this can seem like a tough burden to bear, returning to study isn’t as hard as you think. Here are our top tips to assist you in navigating study while working.

Apply your knowledge 
Undertaking further study related to your field of work means you’re building on your existing knowledge; use this to your advantage. The practical skills you gain through further formal education are often best retained when applied to your day-to-day role. This not only assists you in the workplace but supports you in understanding the course content. Making an active effort to apply practical course material to your professional practice can create a more engaging and positive student experience.
Study in your own […read more]

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Seven tips to help you climb the corporate ladder

Are you looking to climb the corporate ladder? Many people have the ambition to excel within their company but need a master plan to move forward. We have seven great tips to turn your career wishes into goals, and those goals into accomplishments.

1. Stay ahead of industry change
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking
Staying ahead of an industry that’s constantly changing can be challenging yet rewarding. Dynamic fields like financial services or finance can provide you with opportunity to prove yourself to your employer and colleagues. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curb is to keep up to date with industry trends through further education. Undertaking a higher qualification will not only refresh what you already know, but will help you learn new skills and […read more]

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Fitting postgraduate study into a busy life

The modern-day student has many double lives. They can be a working professional, a parent, an avid traveller, carers, and much more! You may then ask yourself ‘how do they have time to fit studying into their daily routine?’ Whether you’re returning to study after a long break or continuing on to postgraduate study, it can be tricky finding the time to balance your study with your other commitments. However, the reward will be worth the challenge.
Many postgraduate students constantly challenge the belief there’s little time to fit postgraduate study into an already jam-packed schedule. In this article, we’ve put together some tips for balancing study and work to help guide you.

1. Plan ahead
Plan months ahead. Check what social events and work obligations you have coming up and how they’d fit in with […read more]

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Never too late to switch lanes

Many of us have invested significant energy, money and time into our career. It’s normal to feel anxious and apprehensive at the thought of switching career paths. It’s crucial to keep in mind most people will work well into their late 60s and even up to 70 years of age.  In remembering this, it’s wise to reflect on your options and on an occupation you will:

Gain satisfaction
Find rewarding
See meaning in


Every once in a while you might find it difficult thinking about, and going into work. If this becomes a long-term situation, you may need to re-evaluate why you’re in your current role and what you’re looking for in your career path.
It’s crucial to take a holistic approach in why you want to change career paths, and how this may affect your work-life balance, […read more]

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Qualities that make an effective leader

Can you believe we’re already approaching the second quarter of the year? Perhaps some of you have leadership and management aspirations this year … maybe you’re looking to inspire your team to achieve above and beyond organisational goals? This blog discusses leadership in the workplace and is relevant to current and future leaders. In today’s competitive business environment, effective leadership is a critical requirement in order to achieve strategic goals.
Three business people walking outdoors.
Simply being in a leadership position doesn’t make somebody a good leader. While some people are born leaders, there are certain traits that effective leaders possess that provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their employees.
Honesty is the foundation of any personal and professional relationship. People want to work for a leader they can trust; a leader that has morals, […read more]

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