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Media Releases 20 Sep 2023

Kaplan Professional launches exciting new applied finance specialisations and elective subjects 20 Sep 2023

Following extensive consultation with industry experts and corporate organisations, leading education provider Kaplan Professional...

Following extensive consultation with industry experts and corporate organisations, leading education provider Kaplan Professional has launched exciting new specialisations and elective subjects for its 100 per cent online postgraduate applied finance courses.

The specialisations and associated subjects apply to the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Master of Applied Finance, enabling students to focus on particular areas of professional practice to tailor their studies to align with specific career aspirations and goals.

New specialisations

  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management

New elective subjects

  • FIN360 Project Management Fundamentals (Project Management specialisation)
  • FIN361 Applied Project Management (Project Management specialisation)
  • FIN362 Project Risk, Finance and Monitoring (Project Management specialisation)
  • FIN370 Introduction to Data Analytics (Business Intelligence specialisation)
  • FIN371 Applied Business Analytics (Business Intelligence specialisation)
  • FIN372 Data-Driven Design Thinking (Business Intelligence specialisation)

Kaplan Professional CEO Brian Knight said the specialisations have been designed to meet the latest industry demands and trends, while addressing skills and workforce shortages.

“The skill sets required in the field of finance have been evolving rapidly due to changes in technology, regulations and the global economic landscape.

“At a national level, there is also growing demand for finance professionals who possess in-depth technical knowledge and skills in business intelligence and project management across a diverse range of industries.

“The business intelligence specialisation is suitable for finance professionals seeking to develop the knowledge and skills to harness the power of data to solve problems creatively by integrating design thinking with analytics capability; ultimately driving better business decision-making across multi-disciplinary teams.

“The project management specialisation is suitable for finance professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of the whole project lifecycle and how to effectively manage resources – this includes the knowledge and skills to assess the viability of projects, identify and plan for potential risks, and organise adequate financing to ensure projects can be delivered on time and within budget,” he said.

Knight strongly believed that the new specialisations and elective subjects would add a new dimension to Kaplan Professional’s postgraduate applied finance offering.

“We are renowned for being Australia’s longest-standing provider of postgraduate applied finance courses for over 30 years, and our graduates are held in high regard by employers in both Australia and abroad.

“Finance professionals pursuing these new specialisations and elective subjects in either the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance or Master of Applied Finance will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum, access to industry experts, and hands-on experience to ensure they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

“We have designed the courses so that students learn in an engaging and innovative online environment, which contains a vast range of digital modules, resources and videos with practical and relevant learning outcomes that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

“The flexible learning experience is also supported by weekly live online workshops and Q&A sessions, where students can engage with their tutor and peers in real-time to discuss the practical application of concepts and theories to their professional practice.

Students have the ability to select up to two specialisations as part of their studies in the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance or Master of Applied Finance. In addition to the two new specialisations, there are two existing specialisations: Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis.

Kaplan Professional offers six annual intakes, enabling finance professionals the flexibility to balance their studies with their personal and professional commitments. The final intake for 2023 (Study Period 6) commences on 30
October, with early access to subject materials and assessments available from 3 October.


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